Who and What is Getting Buzz At the Most Social Olympics Ever?

It’s no secret that the media likes to make hyperbolic statements. But no one is exaggerating when they claim that the London 2012 Olympics will be the most social Olympics ever! In fact, according to Twitter, there were more Olympics related tweets yesterday than for all of the 2008 Beijing games combined. We know what you are thinking and no, this guy has nothing to do with it. It’s the guts, the games, the glory!

With all the grand talk about the level of social activity taking place for this year’s games, exactly which athletes and what sports are getting the most buzz? We’ve already told you about the brand winners, but now we’ve decided to dive into our data to figure out the most social events and competitors leading up to London 2012. Here’s what we learned:

  • Soccer, basketball and swimming are getting the most buzz right now. Not a huge shock as these are the sports with events this week.
  • In a major upset, horse jumping is beating track in social mentions! Could that be because princess Zara Phillips is competing on her home soil? Everybody loves a royal story.

So what about those playas that gonna play?

  • In a water vs. land battle, Usain Bolt is beating Michael Phelps when it comes to inspiring social activity.
  • Is Alex Morgan’s popularity due to her success during the US women’s soccer win on Wednesday? Or is it that cute pony she sports? We’re guessing a mixture of both.

We’ll be checking back in on the status of the most social Olympic trends throughout the games, so don’t miss out — RSS this blog and follow us on Twitter.

*Data is worldwide and from the past week