Introducing Our Newest Sharing Experience

We’re happy to announce major updates to the AddThis sharing tool suite: the new design we’ve been testing in AddThis Labs graduates today, with a slew of new features. Go grab the new code!

We’ve written before about the mind-boggling amount of data every day, and how we use it to provide insights both to our publishers and into trends across our network. But we also use data to drive and refine our own processes and designs. Today, we’ve used what we’ve learned to make sharing even easier, and more personal. That means more engagement from your visitors, more sharing, and more traffic for your site.

Simpler design.

First, we have a new look. We’ve streamlined and simplified the compact menu. We’ve made our email form a lot easier to use, like the email clients you’re already familiar with. Our expanded menu’s been optimized for faster sharing to the most popular services in your region, and easier searching for your personal favorites. (As always, we’ll highlight the services you use for even easier sharing next time.) We’ll take advantage of jQuery on pages that already include it for simple but lovely transitions. And while our new platform takes advantage of HTML5 and loads of modern browser features, we won’t leave you out in the cold if you’re stuck on IE6–though, seriously guys, it’s time.

In Labs, the updated design increased sharing by 11%. In production, it’s going to do even better–due to our second major update.

Instant sharing.

Sharing to Facebook or Twitter used to mean popping a new window. That’s fast, but we figured if we made it even faster, more people would be sharing your content. To that end, we’re introducing “instant” inline sharing to the most popular social networks. If your users link their social accounts with AddThis, they’ll be able to share directly to Facebook or Twitter without even leaving your page. The new inline interface means there’s no extra page load–that means more unimpeded sharing. Even better, once a user authenticates, they’ll remain logged in on every single site with AddThis, until they log out. Everybody wins.

Adding social sign in to our sharing tools doesn’t just mean it’s easier to share. It also means it’s a lot easier to personalize your AddThis experience–easily choose the services you want to see once, and you’ll see them across all the sites that use AddThis.

Pain-free pinning.

Our recent updates for Pinterest are fully integrated with the new design. We’ve created the simplest and easiest way to integrate with Pinterest: almost no work necessary! Put AddThis on any page you want to make pinnable, and we’ll show a simple, elegant lightbox to showcase all the images on your page for your users to pick from. You can always specify your own image, too, if you want! We’ve found this feature can boost sharing to Pinterest by 20% or more.

You can add all these capabilities to your site with one simple code snippet. Take a look and try it out!

Our plugins for WordPress, Magento, and Shopify will be updated this week to support the new surfaces.

Questions? Comments? As always, we’d love your feedback.

  • Selcuk

    How about language support? It’s almost entirely in English currently… Plus I don’t see options to use jQuery style pop-ups in new codes (or at least not working for now)

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  • @Selcuk, our current product is mostly translated into 75+ languages–you can set it manually for your page or we’ll use the browser’s indicated language. We’ll be introducing fully translated emailing in the coming weeks.

    As for jQuery, can you link me to a page with the problem? (Or email matt at addthis dot com.)

    HTML5-style attribute support is coming! Since we have such a broad install base, we won’t be immediately switching everyone to the new style; but we will allow you to use data attributes.

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  • Joe

    Very cool updates, Matthew!

    Any idea when the Drupal module will be updated?



  • Is there a plugin for Joomla 2.5?

  • rnb_001

    Will the AddThis sharing bar I already have on my Tumblr will update by itself or do I need to do that?
    When will I see the newest bar?

  • Super slick! WordPress plugin update anytime soon?

  • @Joe Thanks! Drupal’s actually maintained by third-party developer, who we’re working with to get updated.

    @rnb_001 It depends on when you got the code — check your template. If you see “…/250/addthis_widget.js”, you can change that “250” to a “300” to get the latest version.

    @Rone Thanks! We’ll be pushing this out to WordPress within the week.

  • Selcuk

    @Matthew Keesan, here is examplery on top and bottom: “Share” button is my work via SVG/PNG (because Paylaş is not there in Turkish), if you click on “Diğerleri” (Others), entire page after is in English… addthis options are following: “ui_language”: “tr”, in our primary javascript and triggered by addthis.init()

  • rnb_001

    @Matthew Keesan Thanks for the answer. I’ll look at it tomorrow & let you know. Where can I see that exactly?

  • rnb_001

    @Matthew Keesan I’ve just updated my AddThis sharing bar and the windows are still popping when I click on the Facebook & Twitter buttons. Is it normal?

  • Adam

    Matthew, excellent upgrade – looks fantastic. But I must second rnb_001; I have the latest code and I’m getting new windows rather than inline sharing. And I cannot find a working example on the AddThis site.

  • @Selcuk I do apologize; the new surface isn’t internationalized yet but it will be soon.

    @rmb_001 and @adam You’ll need to authenticate first. Have you clicked that “Sign in to customize” link in the compact menu? After logging in to your service of choice, instant share will be enabled.

  • Diego

    Any news about the WordPress update? Thank you. I’d really appreciate.

  • Raul Villanueva Pasquale

    “Our plugins for WordPress, Magento, and Shopify will be updated this week to support the new surfaces.”
    And so?

  • WordPress is officially out today, as version 2.5.0 of our plugin:

    Try it out and let us know what you think!

  • Alex

    How can I add the AddThis horizontal bar automatically after each post?

  • Imran Hunzai

    That’s great. Especially the new options with vertical sharing buttons. That’s why I never switched to anther sharing tool.

    Thanks :)

  • ‘300’ not working correctly for me. The addthis toolbar is inside a jquery overlay dialog, so that might be causing problems. Different results between IE8 & FF15. Some buttons work, others give blank screens. I think I’ll stick with the old 250 version for the moment

  • Paul

    Any news about the release date for Joomla 2.5?


  • Deb

    I’ve copied the code for the different formats of the AddThis Sharing toolbar to Shopsite and a Weebly website, but Pinterest will not show up for any and on some of the formats get nothing but a blank box. Can you tell me what I need to do to get Pinterest included?

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  • Mirgen Dhima

    A question,
    I am reconstructing the website of inWEB.AL Web Design Studio, and I like to implement social connection tools into it, but I prefer to use unique different design icons for the social networks. Is it possible to replace them easily and still maintain all functionality?
    I would appreciate an answer.

  • @Trevor Can you post a link to the problem? If we can see it in action, we can probably fix it.
    @Mirgen You can put custom icons directly inside the AddThis button tags, and we’ll use your images instead of ours.

  • Mrlong

    Very cool updates, Matthew

  • Lionel


    Any updates on when HTML5-style attribute support is coming?


  • @Lionel Thank you for your patience! We’re working on another major iteration of the project line, and will be updating to HTML5 support then. In the next few weeks, we’ll be updating our internal support of Facebook tools to use the HTML5 API instead of the old-school FBML includes.

  • Awesome, love the update guys, Jamie

  • Will this plugin can use for worpress Version 3.5.1

  • music

    Very cool updates, Matthew!

    This new upgrade is not working Properly on my sites. Facebook not showing ?

  • Magda de Lange

    Follow buttons when added to Blogger appears over the Sign Out link for Blogger. Could we have a way to fix this, please?

  • Magda de Lange

    Wanted to say I LOVE the popout menus!

  • There is, but you’d have to change it in the CSS. If you’re comfortable doing that, just style this class: .at4-follow {

    But if you’re not sure, send us an email to with your question and URL, and we’ll give you more detail.