The First Social Data Driven Election

Welcome to AddThis’ coverage of the 2012 Election where we are analyzing data around the clock to bring you the top social insights leading up to Election Day on November 6th.  Following the social insights work we did starting with the Super Bowl in February through to the Olympics in July, we want to help you understand the impact social is having on determining who will be the next President of the United States.

Here are the types of coverage you can expect to find on this page:

  • Live coverage starting tonight of the debate via our Twitter account @AddThis
  • Re-caps of each debate the next day
  • Data analysis down to each county in the US to understand how battleground states like Ohio and Florida will play out for each candidate.

To get a taste of the kind of data we are talking about, here is a look at which counties are mentioning which candidate more from yesterday, October 2nd.
To keep up to date with our latest data analysis on the election be sure to bookmark this page.

  • Is there any correlation between social mentions and polling data or performance in the primaries?

  • Greg Cypes

    Aaron we have seen correlation in the national polling with some other data points we are tracking. Mentions, at least with politics, is not enough of an indicator. People mentioning candidates might be sharing content that is negative, so measuring volume of mentions alone does not mean that candidate should expect to win that county or state. See California as an example.

  • Thanks Greg!