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Introducing Social Sign In for WordPress

A while back, we launched Social Sign In in AddThis Labs, to make it easy to allow your users to sign in using their existing Google, Twitter or Facebook accounts. Data shows that significantly more people will register and sign in to your site if they don’t have to create and manage a new account. You’ll still need your own user system to integrate Social Sign In, however; if you don’t already have one, that can be a daunting project.

We’re now making it even easier, for WordPress users. Since every WordPress blog already has a standard user system for managing authors and commenters, we’ve created a new WordPress plugin that integrates Social Sign In automatically.

WordPress login screen
That means you can add Facebook, Google and Twitter-based authentication to your WordPress blog with a single click. Our plugin just adds social authentication to the existing WordPress registration and sign in screens, so the flow doesn’t change for your users–you can use Social Sign In for registering commenters and submitters alike.

Manage multiple WordPress blogs? Connect them all with a single account. If your blogs have many readers, we’ll prefill their profiles with information gleaned when they authenticate with one of our supported services, making registration simpler, faster and more complete.

Best of all, it’s free, and the data is yours! All registered user data remains in your WordPress database. And we use your Facebook, Google, and Twitter application IDs so you’re not tied to our platform. (Don’t have application IDs? They’re free and easy to obtain–the plugin will walk you through the process. They’re important because they let each service know that authentication requests for your domain are authorized by you.)

To get started:

  1. Open up your WordPress dashboard
  2. Select Plugins > Add New
  3. Install “AddThis Social Sign In”
  4. Activate the plugin
  5. Select Settings > AddThis SSI
  6. Follow the instructions for adding your Facebook, Google and Twitter application IDs
  7. Log out, and log back in with just one click!

Questions? Comments? Let us know what you think!

  • Maybe I’m just not understanding something… But what benefit does a website owner receive from having a bunch of registered users, especially if that person already uses Disqus comments which offers SSI?

  • Depends on your site!

    As a WordPress user myself that posts to a few different blogs, I actually love not having to remember separate identities for each site. Would it be helpful for your contributors to be able to log in to post or manage WordPress via their social identities? Even in a world where commenting isn’t required to register or is provided by a third party, it still might make your editors’ lives just a little bit easier.

  • When is this moving out of labs and becoming an ‘official’ plugin? :)

  • Jan

    I’d love to use this, except I can’t find “plugins” anywhere on the dashboard…

  • Does it allow us to see user’s contact information?

    If yes many people might get in trouble. Somehow people find so many e-mails or mobile numbers and sell them to business owners. Then you have thousands of spam e-mails and text messages.

    I won’t register to anybody’s blog and I really don’t need them to register mine. Thank you.

  • Could you add LinkedIn?

  • Dave Payne

    Is this system using Open ID, an alternative to Open ID or something else?

  • We are planning to develop a WordPress plugin for a client that woudl like to be able to get deeper insight into a visitors engagement with their services. For exmample, that want to offer incentives for subscribing to their various Youtube channels, facebook etc. Is this SSI plugin built in a way we could use it for the visotr authentication, to allow us to then access the various social services API’s to get that info?

  • RK

    Nice work guys.

    Is this for ‘social sign in’ only?
    Any plans to eventually include social sharing and social commenting?

    What kind of cost if any are we looking at?

    Does this plugin supports all the following:

    1. WP
    2. WP MultiSite
    3. BuddyPress

    Please advise.

  • @Hooman It’s official! Well, the WordPress version is. We’ve been hesitant to make the mainline tool non-Labs since it requires a fair amount of developer chops to integrate a user system. All the other tools are so turnkey that it would be an odd outlier of complexity.

    @Giles We’re looking into adding LinkedIn soon!

  • @Dave It’s not exactly related to OpenID. There are some great plugins for OpenID out there! This plugin doesn’t enable your users to log in using OpenID elsewhere or enable your site to be an OpenID provider. It simply lets your users log in to their WordPress accounts on your site using their Facebook, Google or Twitter IDs. Does that make more sense?

  • @Mark If I understand you correctly, yes. Since your users are authenticating with YOUR application ID, you can request additional permissions to perform actions on their behalf, just as if they’d authorized the app on the social network itself. The critical question is whether the network in question permits apps to perform those actions on the user’s behalf. If you have specific APIs in mind, I can help answer that question.

  • @RK
    1. It’s only Social Sign In. We have a host of other plugins however for some of these tasks. We decided to keep them separate to give you maximum flexibility.
    – Social sharing:
    – Following:
    – Welcoming:

    2. It’ll always be free! Since we’re just a middleman there’s no significant cost to us providing this service, so we’re happy to pass the savings on to you!

    3. We haven’t tested on Multisite or BuddyPress yet. If you do, I’d love to know what happens.

  • RK


    Thank you for your response.

    I will ask folks at BuddyPress forms if they can test it for Multisite and BP.

  • Abusaki

    I can’t get the plugin to work on a customized login page except the default wp-login page

  • I’m interested in this plugin, but wonder how it would integrate with paid membership plugins – in my case s2member. Has that been addressed? Users first have to register on our site so there is a separate sign up form. Once they are signed up, they use the regular login screen to get into the site. I guess I wonder if we can use this plugin in the registration process.

  • Hey Matthew you’ve make some excellent point. Especially glad your mention wordpress :-)

  • Mustafa Balaban

    I Love AddThis Labs. Thanks..

  • @Chris We provide template tags, so you can drop the buttons in anywhere. But I presume that would be up to s2member to integrate (unless you’re allowed to modify the code yourself without voiding your warranty). If you have a contact there, I’d be happy to talk to them about it.

  • James Morley

    Hi, I’m having trouble with the instructions for the Google set-up. When you say “App ID/API key” is that the numeric ID that I am seeing as Project Number listed on the Project Summary? I am assuming though that I need to add a service like Google+ API? But even if I do that I’m not seeing an “Authorized Redirect URIs” field anywhere. Sorry, might just me being stupid! Really hope to make this work as it seems perfect for what I need, and the only other one I have seen is Janrain which is only free up to 1,500 users.

  • Any plans for a Joomla! component or plugin?


  • @SIUParis We do not have plans at this time — but if we could support anyone else in creating one, that would be amazing!

  • DrLightman

    Hi, I was so happy for having found a plugin to allow single click login/registration Facebook plugin and so I installed this on the fly.


    The first thing that made me “uhm” was that in the settings it’s not required to enter the App Secret, strange :(

    The second thing is that I must setup an external to my site callback url ( ) in the Facebook app settings. Well, I didn’t like it but I thought it should be a compromise to use a free plugin. I tried doing so, but when I submitted the canges, Facebook replied:

    “Errore must be derived from one of: Indirizzo del sito, Mobile Site URL, Canvas URL, Secure Canvas URL, Page Tab URL or Secure Page Tab URL.”

    So basically I couldn’t use this plugin. Any idea?

  • Юрий Комаревцев

    Don*t worry, good luck.

  • Sandro Ribas

    @050b5a28dddea579d52fcbc950195426:disqus, the twitter button doesn’t respond when I insert the tag in my theme. In login panel all buttons are working. The configs are ok. Can you help me?

  • We can help, but we’ll need to take a closer look. Can you email us ( with your site URL and include more info on the issue?

  • barkway

    my social sign in is suddenly not working and I did not change username or password

  • Could you email us with a little more information about the issue you’re seeing?

  • Do you plan to update this or prove that you have no interest into this?

    First, fix the OAuth.php problem.

    Twitter authentication doesn’t provide back user_name, name and profile_image_url.

    Also the TwitterOAuth get method has two params $url and $paramenters. Is “account/verify_credentials” the URL?…

  • Raj

    Any plans on integrating Yelp to display business ratings?

  • Not for the moment, but we’ll take this suggestion to the team. Thanks!

  • UgochukwuEmmanuelAgbams

    Hey, thank you for this plugi. I want to know if it works with buddyress as we know that buddypress has its own profile field. Does the plugin populate the buddypress or just the wordpress core?

    I followed the link to the wordpress plugin you provided, but the plugin could not be located there, please do update the plugin link and as well share it with me on the reply path of this my comment.

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  • Murs

    The social sign in the important app. People might use this for the best movements. The storage of data and information in record is kept for using such app.