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No Power Outage? Twitter Still Takes the Grammys

Did you watch the Grammys this weekend? From debut performances to Hunger Games like costuming, the program was as much a string of concerts as awards show. As usual, we took a look at what was happening across the web during the show. Humor me while I geek out for a moment, because this is super interesting. First, some overall social trends:

This word cloud shows the most popular terms used in social mentions during the Grammys. So, the more emphasized the word the more popular it was in social commentary, searches, clicks, etc. Not surprising that people were buzzing about who was nominations, fashion and performances. Look a little closer and it’s interesting to note that despite not being part of the show Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears are mentioned. Despite winning a non-televised award, people were all about Rihanna. And, Lena Dunham’s appearance – merely attending with her Grammy winning boyfriend after cleaning up at her own awards shows – didn’t go unnoticed.

We’re fortunate at AddThis to have unique insight into what’s happening on the web during events like these. I love to see what I’ve missed by comparing my own ideas to what was keeping the web buzzing. Hope you enjoyed the show!