Sharing Tool Updates Coming Your Way! [Updated]

[Update 4/25: We updated the links in this blog post to get you to the latest Support FAQ on the upgrade.]

We upgraded our sharing tool last fall, with a slick new interface which boosted sharing performance, and made it easier to use.

The new version of the AddThis boasts a sleek one-column design, enhanced email sharing, and personalization to show the services you use the most. Check out the picture below.

at30 upgrade

We also introduced our new instant share feature which lets visitors sign in and share your content without leaving your site! (The green dot on the icons in the picture shows that it’s enabled.)

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what we can do! Are you feeling the excitement yet?!

I know, me too. :)

The best part: you don’t have to do anything because we’ll do it for you.

On May 7th, 2013, we’re automatically upgrading any sites using old versions of our sharing tool to the latest version of AddThis. Check out these instructions to preview how it’ll look like on your site. (Tip: if you’re not sure which version you have, compare your menu to the image above, and if it doesn’t look like the menu on the right-side, you may have an older version.)

If you don’t want to wait until then, you can grab the latest code right off our site. But if you need a little more time with the older versions, we have instructions on how you can keep your current version for an additional 90 days.

  • Phil Vallender

    Fantastic news and great to see you keep on developing the tools. AddThis really adds value to our site and I recommend it to clients also.

    What’s not clear from your post is the roll out timescale/process for WordPress plugin users. I assume we will have to update our plugin, but when?

  • Jordan

    You’re giving us the preview over a month in advance? Hmm.

  • Matthew Keesan

    @Phil Thanks for pointing that out — we already upgraded WordPress a while back. I checked your blog and it looks like you’re already on the latest version too!

    @Jordan As Ifdy mentioned, we released the new form factor a few months ago. Anyone who’s gotten the code in the past few months is already using it. Including ElectroJams! But we want to make sure everyone with an older integration can see what their site will look like after the automatic upgrade in case there’s unexpected conflicts.

  • Reed J

    I know that there is a new build for Joomla 2.5 in the works, but will it feature this new toolbar as well?

  • Ifdy

    @Reed, no worries, you’ll be upgraded at the same time everyone else is. :)

  • M Ouse

    We SPECIFICALLY don’t use the /300/ code (stuck with the /250/ js) so this WON’T happen!!!!!!!!!! Don’t like it.

  • Ifdy

    Hi M, just checking in. Have you already tried the latest version?

  • Grace Stemple

    I do not like the way e-mail works. I like the old way where 25 e-mail came up and you could click on them

  • Grace Stemple

    I have and and do not like how the e-mail works now is something wrong in the computer settings or what happened when window8 came on board

  • Janne

    Is there a way to show the same services in the More… (services_compact) menu as on the page as dedicated buttons? May seem like duplication but less technical users might benefit from seeing these services with their labels next to them.

  • Jennifer Eggerton

    I use the WordPress plugins on my site. Will the updates be reflected in those plugins?

  • Ifdy

    Hi Jennifer, yep! You’ll see the new features automatically next month. :)

  • AddThis

    Hi Phil, sorry for the delay in responding. On May 7, the upgrade will happen across the board on all of the AddThis tools, so the menus will look differently (like in the picture above) but the buttons would look the same. Does that answer your question?

  • AddThis

    Hi Janne, this version has a smart design, so when a user opens
    the menu to share to additional services, it’ll automatically be updated
    to first show the social networks they use the most! So for many, it’ll
    be Facebook, but if someone is a big Twitter user over Facebook,
    they’ll see that at the top.

  • neotrope

    Nice. Me Likee! :-)

  • Adam

    Nice this looks great users being able to specify what icons they want! Great work addthis!

  • Jeff Cohn

    This new upgrade is not working on my sites. Why is Twitter and Facebook overlapping?

  • AddThis

    Hi Jeff, we got your email so one of our tech support team members will reach out to you to try to help. :)

  • Bryan Hovey

    Same problem on my sites.

  • AddThis

    Bryan, did you clear your cache and still see the same issue? Can you shoot us an email at with the links?

  • Justin Foralook

    Can’t you also introduce a vertical, hovering share bar? Currently we have to use different plugin (wp-socializer) for this.

  • Barbara, Dancing Spirit of RI

    Hi – I love the idea of add this but I can’t figure out how to implement it the best way – thanks Barbara

  • AddThis

    Hey Barbara, we can certainly help with that. :) Send us an email to with details on the buttons you’re trying to add to your site, and a link to your site.

  • AddThis

    Hi Justin. If you’re using the latest version of our WordPress plugin, you
    can use the Custom Button option to do this. First, go to the AddThis
    settings page and click the radio button next to “Custom Button” –

    Then, enter the code you want to use. Finally, click “Save Changes” at the bottom. That should do the trick.

    The Custom Code doesn’t display in this window properly, so if you need help with it, just send us an email to

  • Michelle Burke

    How does this affect the Joomla Plugin?

  • AddThis

    Joomla users will see the sweet new features, too. :)

  • Mogens H Andersson

    Why isn´t possible to use AddThis on WordPress?

  • Anon

    Is this new code adding the odd characters to the end of my URL’s? Such as: #.UXsfdrXVUpi

  • chuck dudley

    As long as it works with Firefox and all new versions of Firefox to be coming out I’m good with it but for speed and simplicity please keep it simple and tight and DO NOT bloat this fine little tool.

  • rnb_001

    Hi! I have the AddThis sharing bar on my Tumblr. Will I be able to update it to the 3.0 version? I’m afraid I didn’t understand how to do it. Could you explain to me more clearly? Thanks in advance. Can’t wait to be on May 7th!

  • Boris Wienke

    auf unserer Homepage stellen wir in Kürze um

  • Boris Wienke

    sehr nett, in Kürze auf unserer Homepage

  • music

    This new upgrade is not working Properly on my sites. Facebook not showing ?

  • AddThis

    Hi there, that code at the end of the URL is the Address Bar Sharing feature we have. Here are some details on how it works!

  • Lauren

    It’s not working on my site:

  • AddThis

    Lauren, can you send an email to with a little more info on the problem you’re seeing with your site?

  • AddThis

    No worries, you don’t have to do a thing. Seems like you already have the latest version on your site. :)

  • AddThis

    Hi there, send us an email to with details on the problem you’re experiencing.

  • Lauren

    Thank you. Will do.

  • Ron Wagner

    I love using It has helped a lot!

  • AddThis

    Thanks, Ron!

  • Manu

    There a problem in MORE menu in FireFox 20, any help ?


  • AddThis

    Hi Manu, we see that you’ve submitted a question into our support forum. Does the problem continue to persist or is this a new one?

  • kathy drasher

    I just had a new website built on WP, with your AddThis plugin. The Facebook like button on the Home page posts a link to Facebook that is NOT a link to the new website, but rather a link to my OLD Blogger site! I don’t know what to do. Please help! Here is the new site. (If you click the FB button on the Home page you see the link that comes up is a Blogger address, not a address.)

  • Ebrahim Jodeiri Dallalan


  • IsmailHossain


  • IsmailHossain
  • IsmailHossain


  • IsmailHossain


  • IsmailHossain