“Honey, I lost the buttons!”

We’ve received some questions lately from folks whose AddThis buttons seem to have disappeared. Naturally, this would be really disconcerting, so here are a few things that you can look into to calm your nerves!

Can you connect to AddThis?

AddThis buttons are generated using JavaScript and CSS that’s stored on our servers, so if your computer doesn’t have access to these servers, you won’t be able to see the buttons. This can happen for a number of reasons, but is usually related to adware or malware blocking software. Verify you have access by going to these URLs:

If you experience errors visiting any of those URLs, or see something that doesn’t look like AddThis, you don’t have access to AddThis and therefore the buttons won’t show up. If you can identify which software is blocking AddThis, follow the prompts to unblock us, and the buttons should show up.

Do you have all the code on the page?

If you’ve recently made changes to your site another problem might be that you didn’t put everything back on the page. View the source of your page (by right-clicking or Control-click your page, and select “View Source” or “View Page Source”) and use the find command to make sure you’ve got the following items on the page:

  • Our addthis_widget.js. This script loads all the other code that displays our buttons. If it’s not on the page then none of the buttons will show up:
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script> 
  • If you have any inline tools activated, make sure you also have the code for those tools on page. It will look something like this:
    <div class="addthis_sharing_toolbox"></div>

Are you using WordPress?

First, make sure the plugin hasn’t somehow been deactivated. If you recently changed your theme, make sure it uses the the_content() function instead of get_the_content() as the latter doesn’t include the callback that adds the AddThis buttons to your posts.

Finally, if you’ve got a caching plugin like WP Super Cache make sure that you flush these to ensure the buttons get added to your posts.

Still don’t see them?

If you’re still not seeing the buttons after checking the steps above, you may be having another issue. In that case, contact our support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

  • Can you email us your URL so we can take a look?

  • Farhan Erooth

    I am working on a Drupal site, I am facing a problem of Follow buttons not displaying in the dev site but its displaying in the localhost.

    Link to the dev site:

  • Looks like you didn’t have listed as one of your Pro domains. We just added it and see the buttons there. Let us know if you do, too!

  • Will do. Thanks so much.

  • Thanuja Gunasekara

    Follow buttons not dispalying in web site

  • Looks like you don’t have the inline for the follow buttons on your site. Check out the instructions in #2 here:

  • Sidu Ponnappa

    Spot on – I figured it out eventually, but just saw this. Thanks so much.

  • bindu

    No configuration file found and no installation code available. Exiting…

  • For some reason, just the “more” icon has vanished from my email template. The others (FB, Twitter, G+) still show up.

  • Go to the Newsletter Buttons in your tool gallery (this link will take you there if you’re signed in: and add “AddThis” to your Selected Services (the column on the right). That should add the More button to your code. Let us know if you have any other questions!

  • Thanks, but that won’t fix this problem.

    I put a custom URL under the share buttons that point to a specific blog post (these are automatically sent from WordPress via a plugin called post-notification). So I need to know where the static repository of icons is, or I’ll need to save them on my server and link from there.

  • Yes, thanks. I had pried that out of the HTML example you provided in the Newsletter Buttons tool.

    My concern is that the image on the cache server disappeared before, possibly due to a rename. I want to be sure the images location and names don’t change in the future. Otherwise I need to copy and stage my own.

  • Interesting. We’re not sure why it disappeared before, but we don’t intend to change the name in the future.

  • ScottF

    This suddenly happened (just today) to a website I am working on as well.

  • Scott Fulton

    This has suddenly happened (just today) to a site I am working on as well.

  • Zoe

    Suddenly my small ‘like’ buttons on my wordpress website are not showing up on mobile devices. Any idea how i can solve this problem? Thanks!

  • Sorry to hear this! Yes, please send an email to and we can help you sort it out. Thanks!

  • Please send an email to and we can assist. Thanks!

  • Harish

    I have added addthis plugin to my application. It is showing the share icons in my local solution. When I have updated to test server, in Firefox the icons are appearing but in Chrome and IE the icons are not appearing.

  • ashwan

    addthis sharing buttons not showing in internetexplorer9

  • Hi Harish, we can certainly assist. Can you please send an email to with this issue? Thanks!

  • Please send an email to with the URL of the page you’re having trouble with in IE9 and we can take a look for you.

  • Hi there, we’re sorry to hear you’re having an issue with the Facebook button. Please send an email to and we can take a closer look for you. Thanks!

  • Karthik

    I am using add this plugin on my website. On certain apple devices addthis is blocked by an app called Crystal ad block. This does not allow addthis JS file to load and breaks the javascript code on the page and hence all the functionality on my page when we initialize this. Is there a way i can check if addthis object exist only then execute addthis initialize function ? Please help !

  • We’ll need a few more details from you before we can assist. Can you please send an email with this information, and the URL of your site, to help [at] addthis [dot] com? Thanks!

  • Mostafa

    I have noticed a conflict between AddThis plugin and Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress (3.4.1).
    In most of the pages I didn’t have any issue. But in few cases, the social sharing btns were not shown on the page.
    I didn’t find proper solution for this, therefore I just deactivated Yoast SEO

  • Mind please sending an email with these details to Our support team will be able to take a closer look at this issue for you. Thanks!

  • Mostafa


  • Randy Downs

    My AddThis buttons don’t show with WordPress 2016 theme. I added the widget & I can see the title but no buttons. I use Yoast SEO too.

  • Hi Randy, please send us an email at with a link to the site you’re working on and our support team will assist. Thanks!

  • Lufre78

    Hi. I’m having this error: “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of null” on addthis_widget.js:1. Nothing appears. I’m a web design student, running the website from my desktop (not alive web). Haven´t found anything on the web about this error with addthis. I figured it must be pretty dumb… Help

  • Would you mind please sending us these details with a copy of the html file you’re using locally to help [at] addthis [dot] com? Our support team can certainly help you with this. Thanks!

  • vinci

    Hi team, I would like to disable addthis in mobile view. Also do not want to call the file in mobile view. How can we achieve it? Is it an option.

  • Hi – as long as our script is on the page, at least some of our assets will be called. If you’d like to dive deeper into this, feel free to shoot us an email at Thanks!

  • vinci

    thanks for your help.

  • Tyrone Barton

    mobile share buttons don’t work on blogger when i look at it on iphone or ipad UNLESS its the desktop site/view on the iphone or ipad. Otherwise, nada.

  • Hi Tyrone, please email us at and our support team can assist. Adding them to mobile for Blogger requires a few additional steps that we can walk you through.

  • Kiełbasa Ogórek

    Tutorial move about adding Addthis widget to HTML is outdated, Nowhere “Get the code” from movie, only “get the code” is located at the top navbar and showing only javascript code, not where div with widget should be pasted. Nowhere popup modals. Nowhere option in confuiguration widget ‘get the code” – simple nothing, zero, null.

  • Our apologies that you were unable to find what you were looking for. Is this the tutorial video you’re referencing?

  • Arina

    I am able to see all the links above and my codes are right. The buttons show up in all the previews, but not published website of my blogger panel. Would there be any other issue?

  • Hi Arina, can you please send us an email with these details and a link to your site at help [at] addthis [dot] com? Our support team will be able to take a closer look at your site and assist. Thanks!

  • devi lal

    try with data_track_addressbar”:false

  • devi lal

    I have multiple share buttons on same page.How can i send custom variable with email template on clicking particular share button?
    I tried as mentioned in template tutorial of addthis support like email_object{var_customvar :”val”} but it does not work.It show { var_customvar} in template rather than showing value of it.

  • My site has stopped showing the AddThis buttons, despite the code appearing on the page. I’ve been in communication with your help team, but you’ve been unable to find the issue, asking me to contact my ‘framework support team.’ We don’t have one, and we can’t get the buttons to show. Unfortunately, now your support has given up too! Looks like it’s time for another solution then :(

  • Our apologies for your trouble and frustration. I just contacted our support team about this and had them locate your ticket. They’ll no be reaching back out to you to help get this resolved.

  • It took a few attempts, but my share boxes are now back up and running. Whilst we don’t have Shopify on our site, the fix for that issue worked for us. Our site was authored in RapidWeaver 7, and it was this version that broke the code, although it took a while to iron-out all the wrinkles, but once I’d put my own PUBID into the js, it worked.

    Cheers for the help and patience guys.

  • Glad to hear this was able to be resolved. If you need a hand with anything in the future, just let us know. Happy Friday!

  • Hello! Can you please send us an email with these details and the link to your site to That way our support team will be able to take a closer look for you and assist. Thanks!

  • Hi Sam, could you please email our support team directly with these details at We’ll be able to take a closer look at your site for you and assist. Thanks