AddThis Blog Refresh

With spring in the air and the cherry blossoms around DC blooming, it feels like the perfect time to roll out a new blog design, wouldn’t you agree? We rolled it out yesterday afternoon, and since then have received some good feedback – which we appreciate greatly – hopefully you like it as much as we do.

Responsive, Mobile Friendly

One of the driving factors behind this blog refresh was to make it more responsive and mobile-friendly… so whether you’re viewing it from your preferred browser, tablet or smartphone, it’s now be much easier to read than before.

The photos on the side were taken around the office, so you also get a glimpse of what it’s like here at AddThis. If you refresh it a few times, you’ll see new photos being loaded… and not to worry, we’ll be adding more shortly.

p.s. In case you’re curious, foosball remains king around here, though I still manage to sneak in some Halo 4 action every once in a while.


  • jeffwongdesign

    Awesome job Foo. Looks great! Me likey!

  • thanks buddy, came out rather nicely. *thumbs up*

  • Yea, I too love what Medium has done with blog designs

  • YetKet

    I’m using addthis widget on my site It looks awesome. Thanks for fresh design.

  • Cool buttons, I am using on my Blogs Tech Tapper and Blogging Game

  • Great layout!

  • Does your company have cancer insurance? We had coverage in Ohio and brought it to Florida with us. I cannot find anything, but I thought this company bought it.

  • How can we get the share buttons now used in your blog refresh? They look very clean and nice on the eyes! Can’t find this style used on the blog anywhere on Thanks!

  • Great Layout. I am using on my two websites

  • Ahmed3335

    Wow, thats really great.. Just going to add it to

  • @Addthis Blog Team,

    If you really don’t mind can you please share your Addthis Blog WP theme..
    I really like the design and want to use the same on my personal website, i know you will find out…:-)