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Using AddThis Smart Layers

Yesterday AddThis CEO Ramsey McGrory introduced Smart Layers, an easier way to get more traffic and followers with one piece of code. In this post I’ll go into a little more detail about how to get Smart Layers, what to need to do if you already use AddThis tools (hint: nothing!) and some simple ways to customize Smart Layers for your site or blog.


Getting Started

Smart Layers was designed with three objectives in mind: drive more traffic and followers with one piece of code, optimize that experience for mobile tablets and phones from the beginning, and help publishers and bloggers simplify their pages by offering social tools at the right time yet out of the viewer’s way.

Getting Smart Layers is easy – just go to The only information you need to provide is URLs for your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites where fans can follow your brand.


Be sure to include URLs to your social media profiles so fans can follow you!


Pro tip: Don’t forget to sign in if you’re already an AddThis member or create an account – all it takes is an email address – so you can get free analytics reporting on your site’s Smart Layers.

That’s it! Just copy the one piece of code, paste it into the HTML of your pages anywhere between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags, and you’re done. Optimized mobile experiences will instantly appear for visitors on tablets and phones. We’ll be releasing Smart Layers plugins for WordPress and other popular CMS platforms soon.

Already Use AddThis Tools?

If you’re already using AddThis tools and want to install Smart Layers, no problem. Smart Layers works seamlessly with other AddThis tools such as Sharing Buttons or our Welcome Bar.

Pro tip: You can compare how many shares, clicks, and follows your site gets with our in-page tools vs. Smart Layers (or even both). AddThis analytics reports are designed to help you monitor shares, clicks, and follows – even in real time – and understand which content is most effective at driving engagement. Here what’s called an “A/B test”: note how many shares, clicks, and follows your site got last week (“A”); now install Smart Layers and watch what happens for the following week (“B”). We’re confident you’ll see a big difference!


Use AddThis analytics reports to measure traffic, followers and engagement

Customizing Smart Layers

There are several simple ways you can configure Smart Layers when you grab the code, such as turning layers on and off, placing the Share Layer on the right or left, and choosing from several color themes.

You can also use our Smart Layers API to select specific sharing services (though you’ll get better performance by allowing the Share Layer to auto-personalize), assign themes to individual layers, move the mobile Share and Follow buttons, and control which links show up as recommendations.

Send Us Feedback

Let us know what you think about Smart Layers, and how this new tool has performed on your site or blog. Send us some feedback – we’d love to hear from you.

  • It was quite a while ago, I had an SSL certificate which wasn’t validating properly.

  • How can I decide where the Recommended Content appears? I’d like it to appear above the footer of my page, and preferably within a given DIV.

  • Sorry, but at the moment it can only go at the bottom of your page.

  • I found a solution, though not a pretty one – I moved the div with class at4-recommended-outer after it was rendered.

  • Yep, you can disable that by adding 'thankyou': false to your code. Here’s an example:

    And thanks for the French translation suggestion! We’ll let the team know. :)

  • michaleen

    Is it possible to customize the tweet that is posted using smart layers?

  • It is possible! This article might be able to help you with what you want to do: But if you still have questions, feel free to send us an email ( with your URL so we can take a look.

  • I’ve installed the AddThis smart layer plugin for my WordPress website, but it doesn’t work (do not show share panel). Anybody help me, please

  • We’re happy to help! Can you send an email to with your URL, and version of WP you’re using?

  • giaoqua noelsg

    I have a problem, addthis smart layers doesnt working on my wordpress.

    Could you check it for me, i already installed and actived the plugin but it’s just doesn’t work.

  • So this allows us to take our existing site, add code, and then it’s mobile enabled? Am I getting this right? I am a pest control guy, but sounds too easy.

  • john

    Facebook Share possibly?

  • Hi John, sorry, we don’t understand your question. Can you clarify?

  • John

    Are you adding the Facebook Share button to the rows of buttons in the customizing box? It would improve AddThis immeasurably. The code to manually add it is fine but the appearance seems off. It has been released and their is a desire for it.

  • Gotcha. Good feedback. We’ll be reviewing it with the team soon. Thanks for taking the time!

  • John

    That would be amazing if you guys do the Share button. As it stands if you add the codes and the like the counters are the same and I’d like to go back to AddThis.

  • john

    That was confusing. If I add the buttons not using AddThis the Like and Share counters are the same. I imagine if you guys add it back they would be separate.

  • If you have an underscore “_” in your Twitter handle, how can you get the smart layer widget to recognize it?

  • The underscore won’t affect adding your Twitter handle to your tools. If you want your visitors to have something like “via @yourhandle” when they share from your tools, this article can help you set it up:

  • Thank You!!!

  • Barbie Bieber Beyond

    how do I stop the Add This Smart Layers Thumbnail from showing up when I share a post to Facebook from my blog?

  • This might take a few steps. Would you mind sending us an email with your URL? We’ll be happy to walk you through!

  • Playing with this on a local install – loving the floating sidebar.
    Can’t seem to get any of the other functions to work, is that because it’s a local install?

  • Are you referring to your content recommendations? If so, then you’re right; they won’t be working as a local install.

  • I don’t get the follow buttons either guys.

    I like to get things working on my local install before I go live but it looks as though I may just have to try this one on the live site.

  • Gotcha. Send us an email with your URL, and our support team will check it out to see if we have some tips to help you:

  • Talha Aslam

    Hey Team,

    I want a twitter handle…(at the end of each post i want to add @talhaaslam) on twitter can you guide me, how can i do that…