Using AddThis Smart Layers

Note: As of March 2018, the Smart Layers WordPress Plugin is no longer available for download. If you already have it installed, it will continue to work per usual. To check out and install our supported WordPress plugins, click here.

Yesterday AddThis CEO Ramsey McGrory introduced Smart Layers, an easier way to get more traffic and followers with one piece of code. In this post I’ll go into a little more detail about how to get Smart Layers, what to need to do if you already use AddThis tools (hint: nothing!) and some simple ways to customize Smart Layers for your site or blog.


Getting Started

Smart Layers was designed with three objectives in mind: drive more traffic and followers with one piece of code, optimize that experience for mobile tablets and phones from the beginning, and help publishers and bloggers simplify their pages by offering social tools at the right time yet out of the viewer’s way.

Getting Smart Layers is easy – just go to The only information you need to provide is URLs for your social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, and any other sites where fans can follow your brand.


Be sure to include URLs to your social media profiles so fans can follow you!


Pro tip: Don’t forget to sign in if you’re already an AddThis member or create an account – all it takes is an email address – so you can get free analytics reporting on your site’s Smart Layers.

That’s it! Just copy the one piece of code, paste it into the HTML of your pages anywhere between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags, and you’re done. Optimized mobile experiences will instantly appear for visitors on tablets and phones. We’ll be releasing Smart Layers plugins for WordPress and other popular CMS platforms soon.

Already Use AddThis Tools?

If you’re already using AddThis tools and want to install Smart Layers, no problem. Smart Layers works seamlessly with other AddThis tools such as Sharing Buttons or our Welcome Bar.

Pro tip: You can compare how many shares, clicks, and follows your site gets with our in-page tools vs. Smart Layers (or even both). AddThis analytics reports are designed to help you monitor shares, clicks, and follows – even in real time – and understand which content is most effective at driving engagement. Here what’s called an “A/B test”: note how many shares, clicks, and follows your site got last week (“A”); now install Smart Layers and watch what happens for the following week (“B”). We’re confident you’ll see a big difference!


Use AddThis analytics reports to measure traffic, followers and engagement

Customizing Smart Layers

There are several simple ways you can configure Smart Layers when you grab the code, such as turning layers on and off, placing the Share Layer on the right or left, and choosing from several color themes.

You can also use our Smart Layers API to select specific sharing services (though you’ll get better performance by allowing the Share Layer to auto-personalize), assign themes to individual layers, move the mobile Share and Follow buttons, and control which links show up as recommendations.

Send Us Feedback

Let us know what you think about Smart Layers, and how this new tool has performed on your site or blog. Send us some feedback – we’d love to hear from you.

  • Selcuk

    Sent a looong feedback ;)

  • This is excellent we will enable this for our sites and having this built for responsive design across mobile platforms is a boon!

    Thank you.

  • Can’t wait for the WP Plugin!

  • Soon!

  • We received it; thanks for sending us your feedback!

  • This looks great! I appreciate it won’t be easy, but the cherry on top as it were, would be incorporating Facebook “Like” buttons or Google “+1” buttons in the share column.

  • Glad you like it! Just so you know, the Sharing Layer displays buttons customized to every user based on what services they use the most. It’s personalized!

  • Bruno

    Two comments:

    1. The “recommended for you” section is too low
    2. I wish you would include an option to let visitors signup for newsletters or at least provide a button that links to a signup page on the website

  • Hi Bruno, thanks for the feedback! We’ll be taking it back to the team. Just a note: the reason the Recommended Content layer is at the end is based on our expertise that visitors tend to look for more content when they reach the end of an article or bottom of a page.

  • Ed

    Addthis should also have Brazilian Portuguese language =[

  • xerf

    The solution seems to be very interesting. Unfortunately now I can not use it on my non-English speaking sites due to lack of even manually translate phrases. Similarly, Follow Buttons. Only Share Buttons are fully translated into other languages.

  • xerf

    … and Joomla! too :)

  • Glad you like!

  • We’d love to have it! Our translations are crowdsourced, so help us get it submitted!

  • Thanks for the props. Actually, you can manually customize all the text that appears by providing the translated version through our API.

  • Avi Jit (@skyhitblog)

    It’s cool. May be I’ll try someday. :)

  • Rijalul Fikri

    is it possible to add facebook like button into smart layer?

  • You’ll have to use the AddThis Share Buttons for that:

  • Very nice. Just to let you know it is already works on wordpress. Just copy and paste the code into a text widget on your side bar. I have it running on my site already.

  • Awesome!

  • Big Johnson

    Just to let yall know. You might want to fix your automated email system when it sends out an email that people have responses to their comments. The email is including bad forwards and is not working properly. Fixing it would make it allot easier to see the reply instead of having to navigate back to your blog and finding the reply.

  • Thanks, we’re aware of the issue with the Disqus comments, and we’re working to get it fixed as soon as possible. :)

  • Liam Carey

    Is there a way to stop the left scrolling icons appearing on mobiles and tablets and only show them on desktop screens? IN the current format I cannot use AddThis on our site.

  • You can control where the Share/Follow layer show up on mobile (top or bottom). Here’s a link to the support doc that tells you what you can customize:

  • Thái Dương

    I have been using this Smart layer tool, this is so great. I have installed successfully at but i don’t know why it doesn’t work for Please help me!

  • We need a little more information. Please send us an email to with the details of the issues you’re seeing.

  • Cam

    I really like the new stuff, but I find the share bar sitting on the left of the screen space really oldschool. I think their are many better ways to offer a hovering share tool.

    The small screen version is great though (for most purposes).

  • Thanks, glad you like! So you know, we researched into this, which included working with a pilot test group, and saw that most users expected to see the Share buttons on the left-hand side, so that’s why we decided to have it there. :)

  • Cam

    I assumed that was the thinking. Personally I expected something a little bit more forward, and less ‘status-quo-ish’. I would certainly never use that method. I believe it comes across as cheap.

  • Understood! We definitely appreciate that feedback. You can opt out of the Share Layer, and still take advantage of the other Layers while placing an in-page share button wherever you’d like.

  • Cam

    PS. You have your Disqus configuration set to your ‘local’ server rather than the ‘.com’ ;)

  • We’re aware, and are working to get it working correctly. :)

  • Yuri Shopa

    It won’t work on my blogger, i’m pasting the code on my page’s html (before ending ) but when I go to my blog the buttons won’t appear.
    This is the page

  • We can see the Share Layer on the left. Can you be more specific about the issue you’re seeing?

  • Yuri Shopa

    I just visited my page on Firefox and every thing is ok, but when I visit my page in chrome I can’t see it, do you have any idea what could be wrong?

  • Try disabling your ad blockers in Chrome. If that doesn’t work, send us an email ( with the URL again so we can take a look.

  • Yuri Shopa

    Every thing works fine now, it was an extension called “Disconnect” causing the problem.


  • Yago

    Languages? :(

  • Glad to hear it’s working now!

  • We’re always looking for translations to add into our tools! Check this out:

  • spidermatze

    I have the same issue with AddThis. In German, the translation of the layer when someone uses a follow link is very cruel and i can’t find a way to translate this properly. in english it says thanks for the follow and is translated into “danke für die folgende” which does not really hit it. I would be glad to be able to customize really every text that is shown!

  • We rely on users for translations, so we would love it if you could give us your input! The German text for our tools is on this page so please feel free to take a look and provide us with your suggestions:

  • Cortley Williams

    Is there a way that these buttons can share the individual blog post, instead of the general link to the page? I need share buttons that will share the specific blog post. I am using Weebly.

  • spidermatze

    I am not talking about the user translations. I don’t know where these texts come from, but they are not changeable on your linked site. Whenever someone shares or follows, there is a Popup-Layer that says in german: “Dank für das teilen” or “Dank für das folgende” which is horrible and would be backtranslated into english be that one: “Thank for the sharing” and “Thank for the following” Where can i change this? Even the “recommended for you” is i guess google-translated and not usable for german websites. We would really love to use this on our website but as a german radio station, we can’t cause language is our profession :)

  • Understood. If you’d be willing to take a moment to help us out, we’d appreciate it! Mind sending us an email with the correct translations? And I’ll get it to the team ASAP to make the update. Reach us at:

  • If you’re using Smart Layers, it should be sharing the content of the page the person is viewing. If that’s not the case, send us an email to with your URL and we’ll take a look.

  • spidermatze

    Hi, did you get my email with the correct translations?

  • Yes! And we just replied. Thanks again for taking the time to send those suggestions over! We’ll keep you posted.

  • Does this work with HTTPS? That was my major issue with AddThis.

    It would be nice to select the “recommended for you” links too :)

  • Eoin, our tools should work with https, so if you’re having issues with it, could you send us an email with your URL and more detail about the problem you’re seeing?