Not Seeing the Buttons You Expected? It’s Because Smart Layers are Personalized

One of the key features of our new Smart Layers is something you can’t actually see. All the share buttons are personalized to each visitor. This makes it much more likely that people will share your site.


How It Works

AddThis is installed on 14 million domains, and sees over 100 million share events every month by 1.3 billion unique visitors per month. AddThis tools were loading over a trillion times last year! So, we have a huge amount of data about how people share across the web. When a user lands on your page, we know which services they’ve shared to before, even if they’re visiting your page for the first time. In turn, by default, the Share Layer shows visitors the services they’re most familiar with. By showing them the services they know, they’re more likely to engage with your page. We’ve seen an increase in engagement of almost 60% by showing users the services they’re more likely to use.

“But I know what my users want!”

We’re sure you know what your users want, but think about those who have never been to your site. For instance, let’s say one of your pages gets very popular in The Netherlands. The top social network there isn’t Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. It’s called Hyves. If you’re only showing the top U.S. services, these users will have to dig through our sharing menu to find Hyves, which means more of them will give up on the share and go somewhere else. By insisting on using only U.S. social networks you would be missing out on a whole new customer base.

The other problem is having too many buttons. You could include all the sharing services, but finding the service the customer wants to use would be very hard for you. Personalization lets AddThis do the work of figuring out which services to show while effectively having them all available to show users based on their preferences. (By the way, AddThis supports over 300 social networks.) So even if you’ve never heard of it, your users can use it to share your content.

And if you’re wondering if websites need to look exactly the same in every browser, here’s your answer. :)

So when you’re testing your site on multiple browsers, and the Share Layer buttons keep changing, it’s ok. It’s just AddThis working behind the scenes to make sure your visitors are seeing exactly the right services at the right time.

  • xXMrsPinkXx

    I rarely see a G+ button and this makes me sad. Google+ is awesome, and has more users every say (now in the billions if I remember correctly. G+ should be a default button on all US pages IMO.

  • I agree that G+ is awesome as well, but the only reason there’s more users is bc when you start a new gmail account, you can directly link your account to a “new” G+ profile, which isn’t a bad idea, but doesn’t necessarily mean that those users are active on G+…

  • xXMrsPinkXx

    I have about 1800 followers. I see posts from at least half of that. That’s the same for all the people I see posts from. And alot of them have bigger circles than I do. People thinking G+ is nothing is part of the reason it doesn’t get the critical acclaim it deserves. But to each his own…. I love it. :)

  • Ya i think its a shame that G+ doesn’t get the credit it should, but give it time, I feel ppl are peeling off from FB more and more these days, so your wish might come true @xXMrsPinkXx ;)

  • Paul

    I’m starting to be a fan of Google+ as well, but until more users start clicking sharing buttons it won’t show up regularly in our menus. That’s because Google+ makes up about 1.5% of all sharing activity on AddThis, split between the +1 button and our Google+ sharing service. You can see how it ranks on our Services page:

  • Kaushik S Kalmady

    The Recommended for you button isnt functioning that well. What might be the reasonsd ?

  • We’ll need a little more information to be able to help you. Can you email with your URL and details of what issues you’re seeing?

  • How do i add Stumble button via add this also I have one issue with my vertical Add this sharing button Sometimes , twitter button did not render ,By the way how to make horizontal Addthis Social sharing button like ? where do i get this

  • It might be easier if you could show us what you’re trying to do. Can you email with your URL and more information about what you’re trying to do?

  • Sean Filidis

    If I customize the services in the Share layers, I cannot, no matter what, get the MORE button to show up. This is my services line: ‘services’ : ‘facebook,hyves,twitter,linkedin,more’ They all show except the More Options at the end. Any help?

  • It’s on our end, and we’re working to fix it ASAP. Hang with us, and check back later!

  • Cas van Dongen

    Are you serious about Hyves? Because that social network hasn’t been used for ages (more than 4 years ago) in The Netherlands

  • Thanks for the feedback, Cas. Are you saying the service is no longer supported or unpopular?

  • Cas van Dongen

    The Polulation of The Netherlands is 16 Million and Facebook currently has 6 Million active Dutch users. Hyves currently has around 100.000 active users and if it does not improve, TMG (Telegraaf Media Group – owner of Hyves) will close it.

  • Thanks for your feedback. If there’s any change in the status of Hyves, we’ll update our service directory.

  • Cas van Dongen

    I’ll let you guys know.

  • Thank go I found this article. I was going crazy for the last day. I wonder if this blog post should be linked on the Smart Layer customization page?

  • Thanks for the feedback! We do have this info in our support pages. Check it out:

  • Guest

    Why am I seeing “Hyves” on my site, a service that I did not use for over 10 years and is going bankrupt now?

  • If you clear your browser cache, it should reset the services you see.

  • Jelle

    I Still see Hyves in the share list. Hyves no longer serves as a sharing/ social network. It would be a good idea to remove it from the standard Smartlayer box.

    How do i add the mail icon to the smartlayers? (Ohh working with Magento btw :))

  • Here’s some info on how to have a preferred set of services display:

    We’re aware of Hyves shutting down, and we’ll be removing them from our services soon. Thanks for reaching out!

  • وادى الذئاب

    ممكن نتعرف

  • Simon

    I am looking for a better Facebook and Twitter live feed, I can’t see a widget for this on your site. Will you be adding this in the future?

  • Sorry, Simon, we don’t have that in the pipeline.

  • JuanAri

    I too am seeing Hyves where it used to show twitter. For the life of me can’t get rid of the hyves

  • Try clearing your browser cookies.

  • How can you disable this function? It doesn’t work. It’s showing custom buttons on pages where they cannot possibly work.

  • Hyve

    sorry, but enforcing this “genius” feature on all users is just stupid (sorry again) and NOT welcomed! I want my users to see the print and pdf buttons not I don’t know which service they once accidentally clicked and never used again but remained in the cache! what you are actually saying is that YOU, addthis gurus, know better than anyone else, hey? Like you are some sort of Gods and decide what I’d like my users to see and what not