Smart Layers Plugin Now Available for WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla

We’ve been listening to your feedback about how to improve Smart Layers since it launched this summer. At the top of the list of requests from our users was an easier way to install Smart Layers on their Blogger/Joomla/Wordpress sites. And we heard you. I am happy to say we are now providing Smart Layers as a plugin for Blogger, WordPress, and Joomla.


WordPress Plugin


If you’re using a self-hosted WordPress site––that is, from––we’ve got the plugin ready for you. (Unfortunately, you can’t add the Smart Layers plugin to a site.) To get started, you can either go to our Smart Layers plugin page and download the plugin to install it manually, or you can install the plugin from the WordPress Plugins Admin screen. To do that, search for “Smart Layers” or “AddThis” and it should come up in the results, as shown in the following image.


Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can customize your layers through our beautiful configuration tool. (Hat tip to Greg Franko and Jeff Wong for doing an amazing job with the UX, UI, and implementation!)

Blogger Widget

To get the Blogger Widget, start by customizing your code, and clicking that “Install Blogger Widget” button when you’re done. It’ll take you to your Blogger login screen (if you’re not already logged in), and you’ll see that we pass the code through to Blogger so you can install it right on your site without copying/pasting the code. (Sorry, IE users, you’ll have to copy/paste the code into your Blogger site.)

Joomla Module

Add Smart Layers to your Joomla site by downloading the Smart Layers Module, and log in to your Joomla Admin panel to install it. Once installed, just select the layers you want, specify your service information, and enable!

Other Smart Layers Updates

We also released some other new Smart Layers features we thought you’d be interested in:

  • Auto-translating layer text into German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish
  • A responsive design that collapses our Share and Follow Layers automatically into a mobile dock (check it out by slowly shrinking your browser window, and you’ll see the tools magically transform!)
  • The ability to set an offset for the Share, Follow and What’s Next Layers in case our default positioning overlaps something on your site; our Smart Layers API shows you how to do this
  • The ability to only show Smart Layers on mobile browsers. Though your users would be happier if Smart Layers was on both desktop and mobile browsers, if you really want, you can customize them to only show up on mobile browser (also in the API)

What’s Next?

I’ll end this amazing list of new features by saying that we’re currently working on updating one of our existing tools to include a bunch of cool Smart Layers features. I won’t say what those features are just yet, but stay tuned—you’ll be seeing more cool stuff shortly!

We’re still gathering feedback. So if you’re on Twitter, hit me up at @SolChea, and let me know what other ideas you have to help make our tools and services better for you! You can also comment below. We’re listening. :)

  • thanks for the code i am going to apply it to blogger.

  • Sol

    Glad to hear it – let us know if you have any problems installing the tools and if you have any feedback for us..

  • antanosolar

    I am attempting to try this for my blog. I am trying to keep recommended content and follow on. And keep sharing off. What is happening is no matter what configuration I choose, the sharing is still on.

  • You should be able to turn off the Share Layer (the one on the left) by clicking on the on/off button in the plugin. Do you see it?

  • antanosolar

    Ofcourse, there is a button on the left. It shows off. The layout also changes accordingly in the options page. However, this does not reflect on the site.

  • We’ll have to take a closer look. Can you email us your URL to

  • Coco -senpai

    Thank you for making this possible! I’m implementing on one of my client’s WordPress site, but I have problems removing the Thank You layer. How can I do that? I tried the solutions you provided on your API but none of them seems to work, maybe I’m not editing the right file, I would like you to point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!

  • Sol

    You will have to use the custom API configuration and specify something that looks like:

    ‘thankyou’ : false,
    ‘share’ : {},
    ‘recommended’ : {},
    ‘whatsnext’ : {}

    Give that a try and let me know if it still doesn’t work.

  • LeoDots


  • You can add the Smart Layers code directly to your Tumblr theme. Generate your code first (here: then on your Tumblr dash go to Customize > Edit HTML. That should do it, but let us know if you have other questions.

  • Hi. Looks like a great plug in! I’ve just installed it on my website and blog [after trying out millions of others]. Seems to work fine. Just a couple of questions:

    1. The interface on wordpress that I have, looks different from the one you show on your website tutorial. I cannot customize the buttons etc.

    2. I would like this bar to show on some pages – and so as per your support forum, the option to disable AddThis should be in ‘Screen Options’ – but I don’t have it as an option there.

    3. I would like counters on the tool bar – but can’t seem to figure out how to enable this.

    I use WordPress 3.7.1 and Enfold Theme [from theme forest].

    The sites are: and

    I cannot seem to post a question on your support forum, hence posting it here!

    Thanks for a wonderful plug in and looking forward to your response.


  • Hi Rohan! Since Smart Layers currently doesn’t offer counters with its buttons, and you’d like for the buttons to only show on certain pages, it might be better for you to use our standard share buttons instead of Smart Layers. Here’s the link to the WordPress plugin for them: Once you add it to your site, you’ll be able to customize it to do both things. Let us know if you have any questions!

  • Hi, awesome plugin. 5/5 ratings. But don’t know why I can’t see smart layers in my blog:

    I’ve enabled AddThis SmartLayers with all required settings but still the “Recommended for you” and the bottom layers are not appearing. Please have a look and reply

    Thanks a lot! :)

  • Thanks for the props! When did you add the plugin? It can take up to a few days for the Recommended Layer to populate; depending on your traffic and the amount of content you have on your site.

  • I really like this new plugin, thanks a lot! However the plugins vertical offset is not ok with my current page design, I understand that I can add custom code, I just can not nail how I should adjust the vertical offset. Can someone help me out a little bit, please?

  • David Afonso

    Is there a neat way to add costum links and buttons without hacking the code?

  • Sorry, but not at the moment; you’ll have to use CSS to add a different design.

  • 7rano

    Is there any chance you’ll make SL to tumblr?

  • You can definitely use Smart Layers on your Tumblr blog! Just generate the code, and paste it into your theme; we usually recommend pasting it above the tag. Here’s where you can generate the code:

  • Michael

    I don’t like how you are unable to have it only on the blog.

  • Michael, is there something we might be able to help you with?

  • I added the widget to my Blogger account but the Recommended reads and What’s Next buttons didn’t show up. (And yes, they were “on”.) Could it be because of the Simple template that I’m using?

  • It could be for a couple reasons. When did you add it to your site? Sometimes, depending on your traffic, it could take up to 48 hours. But if it’s been more than that, we’d be happy to look into it for you! Email us at

  • blurryedgez

    Installed and configured like and share buttons (only) for my self-hosted WP site, but nothing shows up. Tried all browsers. What am I doing wrong?

  • We’ll need to take a closer look. Can you email us with your URL?

  • We’ll need to take a closer look. Can you email us with your URL?

  • “Recommended for you” are poor recommendations based on the content of the current page, and often has duplicates. What’s Next is no better. Is there a way to improve the accuracy of the recommendations. YARPP has much better recommendations

  • There definitely are ways to improve that! If there’s low traffic or a low number of pages on the site, the content may be duplicated in the content recommendation tools. One immediate remedy would be to reduce the number of cells you display in your content footer. If you send our support team an email with your URL, we’ll be happy to take a look and offer other tips to help you optimize your tools:

  • Pedro Pompeyo Osores Morante

    Hi,how can get the share bar to explorer?never can see the link or help to get the bar or button

  • We’ll have to take a closer look. Can you email us your URL?

  • We’ll have to take a closer look. Can you email us your URL?

  • Olidata

    Hi, i used the Smartlayer plugin/modul for joomla for a long time, but now i can´t find the plugin on your site to download, where i can find the smartlayer plugin/modul for joomla?

  • Hi Olidata, we’re working on updating the plugin so in the meantime, you can easily grab code by creating an account and signing into your own AddThis dashboard. You’ll see the same tools there, and you can customize/control them right from your dashboard. Sign in here:

  • Where to get old settings (which we are already using) to reshape/customize

  • You’re now able to customize your tools in the dashboard. Sign in here:

  • Hi, can you make it so that the share buttons only display on single posts?

  • Yes, usually if you put the code on the pages you want, it should only appear there. We’re happy to walk you through; send us an email:

  • Hi Rob, I just let our support team know about this. They should be in touch shortly.

  • Hi Rob, I just let our support team know about this. They should be in touch shortly.

  • Please email us with these details at and our support team can assist.