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Smart Layers Plugin Now Available for WordPress, Blogger, and Joomla

We’ve been listening to your feedback about how to improve Smart Layers since it launched this summer. At the top of the list of requests from our users was an easier way to install Smart Layers on their Blogger/Joomla/Wordpress sites. And we heard you. I am happy to say we are now providing Smart Layers as a plugin for Blogger, WordPress, and Joomla.

WordPress Plugin

If you’re using a self-hosted WordPress site––that is, from––we’ve got the plugin ready for you. (Unfortunately, you can’t add the Smart Layers plugin to a site.) To get started, you can either go to our Smart Layers plugin page and download the plugin to install it manually, or you can install the plugin from the WordPress Plugins Admin screen. To do that, search for “Smart Layers” or “AddThis” and it should come up in the results, as shown in the following image.

Once you’ve installed and activated the plugin, you can customize your layers through our beautiful configuration tool. (Hat tip to Greg Franko and Jeff Wong for doing an amazing job with the UX, UI, and implementation!)

Blogger Widget

To get the Blogger Widget, start by customizing your code, and clicking that “Install Blogger Widget” button when you’re done. It’ll take you to your Blogger login screen (if you’re not already logged in), and you’ll see that we pass the code through to Blogger so you can install it right on your site without copying/pasting the code. (Sorry, IE users, you’ll have to copy/paste the code into your Blogger site.)

Joomla Module

Add Smart Layers to your Joomla site by downloading the Smart Layers Module, and log in to your Joomla Admin panel to install it. Once installed, just select the layers you want, specify your service information, and enable!

Other Smart Layers Updates

We also released some other new Smart Layers features we thought you’d be interested in:

What’s Next?

I’ll end this amazing list of new features by saying that we’re currently working on updating one of our existing tools to include a bunch of cool Smart Layers features. I won’t say what those features are just yet, but stay tuned—you’ll be seeing more cool stuff shortly!

We’re still gathering feedback. So if you’re on Twitter, hit me up at @SolChea, and let me know what other ideas you have to help make our tools and services better for you! You can also comment below. We’re listening. :)