10 Tips to Make Your Content More Engaging

Our team works with publishers of all sizes. Here’s what some members of the team have seen to be tried truths that can help you increase engagement with your site’s content.

1. Trust the Data

“Tune your content and strategy based on what the data is telling you about your audience. Take advantage of AddThis preferred services and analytics.” –– Paul


2. Create Good Content

“Engaging your visitors starts with creating engaging content. Log in to your AddThis dashboard to understand how your readers are engaging with your content.” –– Scott

3. Be Helpful

“Think about how you can provide content that can help someone solve a problem, do something better, or take the next step.” –– Ifdy

4. Serve Your Audience

“Give your audience what they want and not what you think they need.” –– Elizabeth

5. Use External Events

“Whether it’s a basketball playoff or a TV show premiere, if it naturally relates to your content, take advantage of the conversations happening in real-time.” –– Kara

6. Optimize Your Site Performance

“Optimize your visitors’ experiences by using tools and best practices that make your site feel fast and responsive.” –– Greg

7. Streamline Your Site Layout

“Too many options can distract your visitors. Use what you know about the visitor to streamline your site, and focus their attention on your content, products, and ads.” –– Charlie

8. Test, Test, Test

“Your analytics are your best friend. Use them to guide your content development, and test, test, test to fine-tune your strategy.” –– Dave

9. Simplify Your Content

“Less copy, more graphics. People like to read, but in smaller amounts. Reel them in with good design and they’re more likely to want more.” –– Emily

10. Use AddThis

“Smart Layers is designed to give your site visitors clear calls-to-action to engage with your site, including following, sharing, and reading more of your content.” –– Matt

Get Started!

Get on the road to more engagement on your site by first checking out Smart Layers!

  • We have took your advice and added smart layers and are happy we did!

  • High five, Robert! Thanks for adding! Is it working well for your site?

  • Hi Ifdy Perez,
    We love it because its sleek and almost seems not there untill you need it. Have a great day!

  • I just love these tips folks!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Fantastic!

  • Excellent tips!

    I’m trying to streamline my site layout like you have mentioned doing in tip 7 by loading random background images like here on the AddThis blog.

    I would like to know the name of the script you’re using so I can have random background images on my site too.


  • Glad you liked the tips! The script used on this blog was developed in-house.

  • Fantastic! Thanks Josh!

  • Thanks for the reply.

    Can you email me the script to my Gmail account, my username there is: lsesheila

    I hope it’s not proprietary as it’s only an image randomizer, I found a very similar one online made from .php but not sure if it’s as current, dated 2009 so if you could send me the .php snippet that you have for the image randomizer that would be supper.

    Also, sometimes on reload, I get the exact same background image twice, is there a way to cookie this so that your .php randomizer snippet remembers to render a different background image on each reload rather than sometimes repeating the same image?

    Perhaps you can put these general nonproprietary code snippets in a code directory/community here on your website, great way to get extra site traffic and people learning about the five core plugins you currently offer.

    This way when you pay a dev to build something, the extra site traffic generated from your new code directory/community will mitigate the development costs paid out while further elevating your position as development leaders online, I think it’s a wonderful idea for your company.

    Your friend,
    Richard Morris

  • We won’t be able to email you the script at this time, but we’ll take your suggestions to the team. Thanks!

  • No problem, I will use the other .php background image randomizer I found online, it’s only a simple three line script. I noticed in your header Foo was listed as your template guy so I emailed him and told him about the cookie idea to prevent repeat random background images from loading on blog pages during a page refresh so maybe he can implement these cookies for you on the next revision of your blog.

    Also it appears you have five random background images, maybe you should up this to 10 or 20 since most people read more than five pages at a time, that way the background images won’t cycle back to the beginning as quickly. Needless to say I love your background images because they make me feel like I’m a part of your company culture even though I am not located on site just by looking at the images.

    Have a great day.

    Your friend,
    Richard Morris

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  • bingbingwa

    Not very helpful for a blog that features cartoons.

  • Michael O’Brien

    this is a list to put beside your screen until it becomes integrated into your posting .

  • It can be! Do you currently have analytics for your blog?

  • I absolutely love you guys. Thanks for the tips.

  • bingbingwa

    Of course. I find the information useless.

  • Score! Glad you liked. Thanks for letting us know!

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  • Elwood Nose

    Use dark type on a dark background so nobody can read your site…sweet! I’ll have to try that!

  • Can you clarify? Is the blog not loading properly on your desktop/mobile?

  • Swaroop8

    Why is not trending content and whats next options not working for my site?

  • Can you send us an email to with more details about what’s not working on your site? Also include your URL so we can take a look.

  • kaykillua

    Hello there,
    could you help me with using welcome bar coding? I don’t get on how to put the coding in self-hosted wordpress.

  • Do you have access to edit your WordPress theme? If so, all you need to do is copy the code you generated, and paste it anywhere between the and tags. If you need more help, send us an email with your URL and we’ll take a look:

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  • M. Asim Munir

    Thanks for useful tips. My case is rather different. I implemented AddThis in my company’s knife store (please check link). The problem is Google blocked my company’s Google+ page for promoting restricted items (despite the fact they are collectibles) … how AddThis can help me in such situation?

  • Unfortunately, there’s not much we can do with regard to your Google+ issue. Are you having an issue specifically with your AddThis tools?