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Printing: The Forgotten Consumer Engagement Statistic?

Facebook is winning the content engagement battle these days with more people sharing and liking to Facebook more than any other method of engagement.

But did you know that printing consistently ranked in the top five in 2013?

That’s right good ol’ printing!

There are lots of reasons why someone may print a page. A food recipe might be the most obvious example, but there are other reasons. Some people just prefer to read from printed material rather than a screen, and others may print something to share with someone else or read at a later time. I know I’ve certainly done that on many occasions. Or how about printing the details for a product purchase to take that to a brick-and-mortar store?

The takeaway here is to think about how your site is optimized for that audience–-the ones who love to print your pages. Keep this tip in mind if you’re thinking of a site refresh this year.

There could be a lot of other interesting trends like this one happening on your site, and your AddThis analytics can show you. Your AddThis tools can tell you how your readers are engaging with the content on your site, including printing. Check your analytics often, and you might find surprising trends about types of content your readers are printing and when. You can then leverage that insight to maximize traffic and engagement on your site!

Have you noticed this trend on your site before?