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  • I need to know that how can I use addthis for generating back links for my websites ?

  • That is great news. AddThis is one of our favorite web development tools. We are looking forward to seeing how this works.

  • We’re excited you’re excited!

  • Sorry, this is not a service we offer. Our tools are used to help site owners generate more engagement by giving their visitors ways to share and engage more on their site.

  • Well that response could begin to go on forever so I will just say thanks.

  • Thomas

    Guys – we love your product. We have however mentioned this several times, and yet there continues to be a major flaw in the share functionality using AddThis. If a user chooses to push, for example the Facebook icon to share our site on Facebook, but then regrets and pushes CANCEL – AddThis continues to say “THANKS FOR SHARING!”. This generates a very negative user experience, as while they pushed cancel, “we” seem to have taken over and shared anyway. We have received extremely negative comments on this. Cant you update this flaw? Pleeeease…..

  • Understood, thanks for reaching out again. We’re working on making the tools better and smarter, so this is good feedback. In the meantime, the best thing we can suggest is disabling the Thank You layer completely. You can do this easily from your settings in the dashboard. Let us know if you can’t find it.