• Cam

    Looks interesting. Are those ads running in the drawer? Do we get to create revenue from them?

  • Sol

    Nope – no ads, that’s your content in all the tools. We show your users your content to get them to stay longer on your site and view more pages.

  • Cam

    Interesting. It has the feel of ad based suggestions. Perhaps that is something to look into :)

  • I think it would be neat if addThis had a click and drag editor for this system. Before you copy the code you go to a customizing page. Drag items to where they look best, the code updates each time you drag, once you’re happy with the positioning then you copy it to your clipboard like usual.

    For example, the box to the right, personally I would drag it up about 50px so its off the bottom of the frame. drag it, code updates and that’s how it shows up for my site.

  • Awesome!

  • I’ll try the basic version out for now. But the pro version really is tempting. When I reach 500 visitors at day, I think this will easily be worth the money.

    Thanks for making awsome tools!

  • Hi, this is really interesting! Can you help me with how to do it on my wordpress blog without editing the blog?

  • Sol

    Definitely a great idea and something we have talked about. Stay tuned…

  • Sol

    Definitely – if you need help, we’re more than happy to. Can you contact our Support team and we can help you get things up and running?

  • Sol

    Glad you like them. Definitely give Pro a try, it can help you get to 500 faster. Getting more shares/follows will definitely help drive new visitors. Good luck.

  • Richard Hart

    exciting! congrats guys. I am not a developer, but would really like a simple solution that allows website viewers to embed content from the site to their own site like youtube and others do. Any suggestions? thanks!

  • Tomtom

    Such a bad decision to make it a paid service.. Why? Isn’t having all our sites’s traffic data enough to pay yourself by selling it?

    I wish you would have just improved your service like you used to do, instead of improving it and putting a “PRO” label on it to make more bucks.. Sad, but expected at some point..

  • Sol

    Hey Tomtom, sorry you feel this way. We’re actually providing Pro because we’ve repeatedly heard that users want to pay us to get premium support and a way to make it even easier to deploy tools without code. And this doesn’t mean we’re not going to provide free tools, in fact, we plan to grow the team and build even more features/tools that will benefit both Pro and Basic users. Hope this makes sense and definitely give us more feedback on Pro.

  • Curtis

    How big is the Javascript size of the Pro version compared to the non-Pro version? Last I checked, the total size of the Javascript files was in the 400-500kb range. That size is also broken up among several different types of files. Is there any effort in place to actually reduce the total size and the number of files for performance? The tool looks good but tacking on that amount of size and requests onto a large scale website, not to mention mobile website, just isn’t feasible.

  • Sol

    Pro and Basic share the same codebase to maximize cachability. And we only download the files necessary for the features implemented by the site. And we are constantly trying to improve overall load times. For example, we’re actually at a point where dropping support for older browsers like IE6 is feasible which would allow us remove large amounts of browser-specific code.

  • Curtis

    Thanks for the response Sol. I appreciate it. It’s good to know these are top of mind and look forward to the decreased size from old browser support.

  • At the moment, the tools we offer give site owners a way for their visitors to share their content, and engage with more content on their site. For more info on the tools and services we offer, please visit our homepage:

  • Chip

    We currently have the Basic Version of AddThis installed on three e-commerce stores that are run by our retail store. Would the $12.00/mo. charge apply to each website? Would the one fee cover all of our websites since they belong to one company? If separate charges apply, is a bundled price available? Any discounts for web developers, etc.? You get the point :)

  • Sol

    No, the $12 a month charge covers up to 5 domains. Each domain can have a separate profile with its own configuration. If you want to use AddThis Pro on more than 5 domains, it’s simply an additional $2 per domain. As far as developer pricing, we think the per domain pricing should cover most use-cases, but if that doesn’t work for you, just contact us and we can figure something out.

  • DanCarr

    Where’s the premium support though? Via the same “post a question” forum?

  • DanCarr

    Customizing the share bar is arduous. Can we just have a list of services with check boxes? Having to go to some list on the site as a reference and type a comma separated list into a tiny little box that’s not even big enough to display one of the values….. It’s frustrating. And there’s not enough information available on why I can’t add things
    Ike Facebook like buttons and G+.

  • Sol

    We’re using the same system so existing users won’t have to learn a new system, but all requests from Pro users are prioritized. In fact, the entire dev team is helping answer questions from Pro users to make sure we hear feedback directly from the people using the system. Hope that makes sense, if you need assistance, please let us know.

  • Sol

    Sorry for the frustration Dan. I’ll be honest and say that we ran out of time and didn’t finish that feature completely. We’re implementing a much easier way of selecting the services you want. And unfortunately, the sharing sidebar can’t fit the Facebook Like, Tweet, +1 buttons in it, so we didn’t want users to end up with an awkward looking implementation. I’ll be sure to pass on your feedback and we’ll definitely address the usability issue.

  • Appreciate the honesty Sol

  • Looks good guys and if Elegant Themes are using it… it must be good.
    Might give the free version a try and see how it goes.

  • Let us know how it goes!

  • Treasure Chia


  • Anthony Allen

    I was hoping to add a sidebar displaying links to my own content to improve site usability, but it doesnt seem AddThis allows this kind of functionaltiy. I can only use sidebars to promote content from the Addthis network, only 1 of which would be my own?

    Can I create a sidebar featuring only my own content, which I have pre-selected?

  • Hi Anthony, you’re in luck! The Content Sidebar from AddThis Pro does display content from your own site. What our tool does is pick the best recommendations from your own content to display to your visitors, depending on their interests. So if you add the Content Sidebar to your website, you’ll see your own content being recommended to your visitors! Give it a try free for 14 days:

  • anthony allen

    Could you advise *how* it picks the best content?

  • Sure! Our content recommendation tools incorporate the unique anonymous browsing data we see on 14 million websites, over 1.5B unique users worldwide. That’s how we can help you engage your visitors, even if it’s their first time on your site, by recommending them your content based on their interests.

  • Deadmonger

    Hey, can I have AddThis on each page (expect ones with private information) of my site or do I need to have the pro version for that?

  • Deadmonger

    Hey, can I have AddThis on each page (expect ones with private information) of my site or do I need to have the pro version for that?

  • You can do that with your free tools! Depending on what you’re using, you can simply just not add code to the template of the pages you don’t want the tools to show up. We’re happy to take a look if you need us to. Just send us your URL:

  • You can do that with your free tools! Depending on what you’re using, you can simply just not add code to the template of the pages you don’t want the tools to show up. We’re happy to take a look if you need us to. Just send us your URL:

  • Deadmonger

    Great thanks, so can we manage that in Google Tag Manager? If so, is it a pretty simple tag?

  • Google Tag Manager should be fine. Just add our code to a Custom HTML Tag, and then apply rules to only show the code for pages you specify.

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Is it just me or does the Pro dashboard have WAY less information and data than the supposedly “Basic” free dashboard?

    What’s the point of paying for it? Probably going to cancel.

  • The Pro dashboard doesn’t have less information than the Basic analytics. It’s designed differently, optimized to better show how your widgets are performing and how your audience is engaging with your pages. One example is you’re getting more in-depth analytics on your recirculated clicks than you would with Basic analytics, and you have access to exclusive widgets that leverage our social data. :)

  • Thank you for your amazing tools! I am still trying the basic version but next month I’ll buy the pro version. Just a question to you: sometimes I cannot see the images on the racomendations tools. Do you know why?

  • It might be that some of your pages either don’t have images or don’t have open graph tags set up. We can definitely take a look and tell you for sure. Just email us your URL ( Also, we’re excited you’re going Pro next month! Be sure to tell us what you think!

  • Gustav Wiberg

    If I understand this correctly you must have PRO-version to use your Email-sharing button or am I incorrect?

  • Hi Gustav, thanks for your question! Actually, you don’t need a Pro account to use the email sharing buttons. They’re available for free.

  • Elad

    i am currently using the basic plan and would like to upgrade to pro, but there is one critical subject i couldn’t find the answer to: if i do purchase the pro plan, does it apply to all of my profiles? or do I have to purchase it seperately for each of them?
    thank you

  • Hi Elad, yes, if you purchase the Pro plan it does apply to all of your profiles.