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New AddThis Pro Features: We Built What You Asked For

Have you asked your customers what they want from you? The answers might just surprise you, or in my case, completely change my outlook. After the launch of Smart Layers, the team here spent a lot of time brainstorming ideas on what to build next. We had all kinds of ideas, including one about starting a mobile-run pizza food truck.

Luckily for everyone, we then did some surveys and talked to bloggers (special thanks to Julie from Table for Two), news sites, brand sites, and even some e-commerce sites. Among the feature-specific feedback, we heard a resounding “give us more AddThis.” That meant more social tools, more recommendation tools, and more control over the tools. But most importantly, they asked us to “make it simple.” That’s the foundation of AddThis Pro.

New Dashboard

At the center of AddThis Pro is our new dashboard: your new home for managing and configuring all your AddThis tools.

AddThis Pro works completely independent of what type of site you run––WordPress, Blogger, Joomla, Tumblr, Shopify or a custom built site. It just simply works. We’ve done all the hard work to make sure our tools work on any platform so you can just control the tools for your site.

You also have world class analytics and reporting system at your finger tips. It shows you what content your users are engaging with and (for the first time) which of your tools drive the most engagement.

Why’s that important? Well, say after you’ve been using the What’s Next Layer of Smart Layers for a while, and decide to swap it our for the new Pro Content Drawer instead (check out the Drawer right on this post by hovering over the arrow on the right side of the screen, clean and subtle right?). And wouldn’t you know… you’re getting more clicks because of the new tool! The analytics provide actionable insights of your data that can help you improve and optimize how your visitors engage with your site.

New Widgets

Speaking of tools, as a Pro, you can access two new exclusive widgets that your Basic account doesn’t have. The Content Drawer (that I just mentioned and on this blog) and the Content Sidebar are two content recommendation tools that float on the right (or left if you prefer) side of your site. You can decide to use either, and customize them to match your site’s design.

More Control

Without ever having to change your code, you can control your tools and content recommendations from your dashboard. If you want to change the number of social services in the Sidebar from 4 to 5, no sweat. Instead of having to grab or edit Javascript code, just sign into go into your Dashboard, select the options you want, hit save, and voila!, it’s live on your site. And did I mention you can continue customizing without ever changing your code?!

You can also control the first box in your Content Recommendation tools. So if there’s a new page you want to make sure all your visitors see, you can promote the post to one of your tools easily. In fact, now that Valentines Day is coming up, there might be an old post about homemade Valentines Day gifts you may want to resurface to your visitors. (I could actually use some ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts, so tweet me if you have some!)

You can also hide any unwanted pages, like expired offers or category pages, that you don’t want your visitors to see in your Recommendation tools. All that from your dashboard.


My favorite part of Pro is that all of your content recommendations tools are being powered by our personalization algorithms. What our algorithm does is provide each and every one of your site visitors with recommendations of your own content that best match their interests and what they’re looking at off your site.

We do a pretty good job of knowing what to show your visitors because we see 1.5 billion people a month across 14 million sites that use our tools. And you can leverage this for $12/month.

These are a few of my favorite features in AddThis Pro, and there’s going to be more to come (I wish I could tell you about them, but I was told not to let the cat of the bag yet). I could go on and on, but I think it’s time you give it a try for yourself. You can access all of AddThis Pro when up upgrade today!