15 Days of Pro Starts… Now!

Yesterday we released AddThis Pro––an extension of Smart Layers which gives you the best personalized recommendation widgets for your site. To get you started, we’re kicking off the 15 Days of Pro challenge on Facebook.


We’ll be posting tips––like the one above––on our Facebook Page everyday for the next 15 days. These tips will help you learn more about how AddThis Pro works, and what you can do to increase content engagement on your site.

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  • Fashion_Industry

    What is the difference between the content sidebar and drawer? Do they function differently? Also, is their a way to set the buttons at the top and side to stay still in the original location. Or do they have to follow down the page as the user uses the scroll bar?

  • Great questions! The Content Sidebar and Drawer offer the same personalized recommendations, but they just look and function slightly differently. The one you see to the right of our blog (the white bubble) is the Drawer, and it only appears when your cursor hovers it. The Content Sidebar always shows the recommendations.

    And are you referring to the Follow buttons at the top-right? If so, those should automatically hide once a visitor scrolls down the page. Does that help?

  • Fashion_Industry

    Thank you. I just signed up yesterday and today added to around 2,000 page. I added the drawer, but it appears to list all the same page. Also, I added the footer and that also lists the same pages.

  • Bazar6

    Has customization been enhanced for Smart Layers? In particular, the Recommendations box that automatically attaches to the bottom of the page. When it first came out, I couldn’t tell the box where to appear, necessary because it went below our footer…

  • Are you still seeing this same issue? If so, send us a quick email with your URL and we’ll be happy to help you out:

  • Fashion_Industry

    Actually works perfect now. I think I had asked the question before giving the system time to get my pages into the system.

  • Glad it’s working now!