When’s the Best Day and Time to Post on Social Media?

It’s the age-old social media and content marketing question: when’s the best time to post on social media?


Your social analytics can give you an indication of when your audience is engaging with your content, and there are tons of blog posts out there offering you sound advice on when you should post your content on social media. But it’s not enough to just know when your visitors are online, but when they’re engaging online (i.e. clicking, sharing, emailing, and even printing).

We took a look at our proprietary data based on 14 million sites using our tools worldwide (that’s about 3 billion pageviews a day), to help you optimize when you should post your content, including the day, time, and social network. Here’s what we found for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Facebook, Twitter in the daytime. Pinterest in the evening.

First, we looked at clicks and shares to see when users are consistently engaging with content the most during an average week. Keep in mind that all times are Eastern Time.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Shares 9AM-11AM, 12PM 10AM-12PM 10AM, 2PM 3PM, 8PM
Clicks 3PM-5PM 3PM-5PM 1PM-2PM 8PM-10PM

Most sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn happens in the morning, when people get to work. Consequently, clicking (which is different from sharing) tends to dominate Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn in the afternoon hours. Pinterest users have the most activity in the evening hours when readers both share and click content as they’re winding down after work.

Tip: So, if you’re looking to increase clicks on your company’s social channels, try posting your content in the afternoons. instead of the mornings

Aim for the peaks every week.

We also looked at the peak of the week to see what day and time had content engagement spikes in an average week.

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest
Clicks & Shares Thursdays,

It’s interesting to see that each social network has a different peak day and time; not everyone engages with all social networks at the same time. Common sense if you think about it.

Tip: If you’re posting your content across social networks, maximize engagement by posting on the peak day and time of those networks.

As much as data can be useful, don’t forget to think about the human aspect of sharing. Think about your own behaviors and habits on social networks. When are you most likely to share content and using what social media network? When do you have breaks at work? What social network do you find yourself scrolling through when watching TV at night? Chances are, your audience’s behaviors may not be that far off from yours.

This is only the beginning of what AddThis can do to help you reach your audience. Ready to see what AddThis can do for your site?


  • https://milliommilesaga.wordpress.com/ Julianne

    These days and times make a lot of sense to me. Thanks for the tips, with a new travel blog I am trying to gather useful info. Love your site! Ciao.

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    Yay! We’re so glad it was helpful! Good luck on your new blog! We’re happy to help with any questions. In fact… You gave us a good idea for a future blog post. ;)

  • Teri Peters

    Is this Eastern Time?

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    It is!

  • Rew Christine

    I think this is good to point out! It’s more important and valuable to you to understand your audience, that being said this is still pretty interesting :)

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    Agreed! Your audience engagement times can depend on who they are, their lifestyle, and where they’re located. It’s best to test optimal posting times on your audience!

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    wow thank you for this one, now I know what are the best time to post online!

  • http://www.canlaw.com J Kirby Inwood

    You know how it feels when you go into an electronics store and are faces with dozens of cell phones? Overwhelming, right? It is the same for the thousands of people dispensing advice on social media. The net result, people tune out.

  • akhnadiy ilazahg

    What about weekends?

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    Good question. This post was just looking at overall peak times for each social network, but we’ll take a look at our data and see if we find useful info on peak times per day. Thanks for the idea!

  • Couch Surfers

    This is important for people consixering 2,am posts. Obviously not a best practice

  • Darya

    14 million sites? You’ ve done a great job.
    But I have a question: if you looked at global data based on U.S. Eastern Standard Time, have you analyze the timezones of these websites (timezone of the company’s location)?

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    When we looked at global data we looked at it in aggregate according to US EST; that’s regardless of the publisher’s location. Does this answer your question?

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    It can also depend on the audience you’re trying to reach. If they’re active at 2AM, then that’s the best time to engage them. This should just serve as a guide, a starting point, to figuring out what works best for your audience. :)

  • http://addthis.com/ AddThis

    Good feedback, Milos. We heard a lot of folks wanted to know the best times to post in the UK so we just published our results. If you’re curious, here’s the link: http://www.addthis.com/blog/2014/12/23/best-times-to-post-on-social-media-british-edition/

  • Miloš Milosavljević

    Keep ‘em coming :)

    In perspective you could try developing a comparative chart by country, time zone, language and industry. I think you have all the data in the account info. Auto updated via a script. More value for paid customers, for example…

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