New AddThis Pro Feature: Responsive Sharing Buttons


We love sharing buttons, and hope you’ll love our newest set of sharing buttons. They’re not only big and beautiful (meaning more shares) they are also responsive sharing buttons.

We’ve developed several other widgets that are designed to be responsive to your site. You’re probably familiar with the Sharing Sidebar, the Follow Header and the Recommended Content Footer, all of which you can grab code for in AddThis Pro.

The new responsive sharing buttons are slightly different: they’re inline, and can be placed anywhere in your layout. For instance, you can place them at the top and/or the bottom of your blog post. Or you can place them in the header and/or the footer of your site.

And while they’re big and beautiful on a desktop, if you’re viewing them on a tablet or mobile phone, they’re are still beautiful, but they’re not as big. They are touch-friendly so users won’t accidentally click on the wrong social network to share to (creating a great user experience for them). If you want to test this out on a desktop, just re-size your browser to less than 1000px and you’ll see these buttons shrink down.

And just like our other tools, you can specify the point where you want the desktop buttons to change to the mobile-friendly buttons. This means your sharing buttons will truly be responsive along with the rest of your site. Some sites may have media queries at 1000px where they change their layout and others might have media queries at 800px. Our responsive sharing buttons instead let you specify that value so not only your page layout changes, your sharing buttons will change to provide your visitors an optimal browsing experience on any device.

Give these new sharing buttons a test-drive! Head to your AddThis Pro Dashboard if you’re already a Pro user, or upgrade quickly to AddThis Pro today.

  • Ariel

    Do these new sharing button show share counts? When I tried removing share counts before, my readers completely freaked out … apparently, our guestposters use our share counts as a little ego boost! And I know that share counts at the top of the post also help prompt readers to read and share, as in “Oh, 1.2k people have shared this post? It must be something good that I need to read…”

  • AddThis

    Hey Ariel! These new buttons don’t have share counters for the moment; we do offer that feature with the Sharing Sidebar in AddThis Pro, though.

  • AddThis

    Hey Ariel! These new buttons don’t have share counters for the moment; we do offer that feature with the Sharing Sidebar in AddThis Pro, though.

  • DanCarr

    I would love to see you guys add a total share count option on the left hand side. The problem with your sidebar share counts is that not all services support them. The new trend seems to be to go with a total share count.

  • Free Online Games

    These new features looks cool !!

  • Sol

    Thanks for the suggestion Dan, makes a lot of sense. I’ll add it to our list of features and see when we can work on it. Definitely let us know if you have any other ideas.

  • DanCarr


  • Paul

    Which do you recommend – the sharing sidebar counters or the responsive sharing buttons? Seems excessive to have both. It would be great if you could have a option for them to only appear on mobile – when the sidebar counters isn’t visible.

  • Sol

    We don’t have stats on the new Responsive Sharing Buttons yet, so I can’t say definitively, but our Sharing Sidebar typically out-performed the inline buttons since they’re always visible and very attention-grabbing. However, I would recommend picking the tool that best complements your site layout. We’ve had some users actually enable multiple widgets and ask their visitors which ones to keep. So a quick survey of your visitors could help you decide and optimize your sharing tools. If you do a survey, share the results with us.

  • Susanta Chakraborty

    We would like to see if you can provide a detailed information of user activity with your sharing buttons

  • vahid

    very good