New AddThis Pro Feature: Mobile Sharing Toolbar

Like most website owners, you’re probably noticing that you’re getting more and more traffic from mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets. And to help all those mobile users share your content, we just launched a new mobile sharing toolbar for AddThis Pro users.

If you currently use Smart Layers and have mobile enabled, you’ll recognize the share/follow toolbar that appears at the bottom of your phone’s screen when you scroll down. It looks like this:


Our new mobile sharing widget makes it even easier to share on mobile! Take a closer look at the animated gif above. You’ll notice the social sharing icons are big, bright, and square so they’ll catch your visitor’s attention and prompt them to share your page at the right time.

You can let it automatically show your visitor the top services they like to interact with or pick the ones you want it to show. You can do this by customizing your mobile toolbar in your dashboard’s tool gallery. There you can specify the share services by dragging and dropping.

And in case you missed it, you also have a new widget to explore in your dashboard: the responsive sharing buttons that adjust to the device and screen width. With the responsive share buttons (which you can place right under your page title, for example) and the mobile sharing toolbar (which appears at the bottom of the page), your users will have touch-friendly and mobile optimized sharing at their finger-tips!

If you’ve got AddThis Pro, you can head over to your tool gallery and start playing around with this new widget. If you’re not a Pro user (why not?!) you can become one quickly by upgrading today. We’re constantly looking to build more widgets that benefit website owners, so if there’s anything else we can do to help, leave a comment with your suggestion below!

  • Love this! My request would be more mobile-friendly content recommendation tools. I’m not sure if the “What’s Next” layer would work in a mobile setting, but I sure would love if it did…

  • Sol

    Hi Ariel – stop sharing our super secret product roadmap, just kidding. We’re releasing new widgets based on most requested features and this latest round has been social/mobile. The next round is going to be mobile recommendation tools, so stay tuned.

  • Only on the pro version.. sigh!

  • Yes, lots of new Pro features are coming out. Have you given it a try yet?

  • Yes, lots of new Pro features are coming out. Have you given it a try yet?

  • abdurrachman


  • Stephen Anyatonwu

    Pro alone? awwww!!!!!

  • We do have lots of new tools coming to both our Pro and free tools, so stay tuned!

  • Cqase

    Can icons be upgraded to take advantage of hi res mobile screens?

  • We’re working on getting all icons in SVG; no date is set yet.

  • Dirk


  • Dirk L. Feiler

    Die Einfachheit bleibt erhalten.

  • Darren Lopez


  • Darren Lopez


  • casa do alcoolatra

    gostaria de aprender a mexer com isto aki

  • raimundp pereira

    como que faço para adiquirir este contrato e qual os produtos que oferece e quais os valores,

  • João

    How to set up the share services on the mobile sharing toolbar? I’ve tried everything, no success! :(

  • Hi, I tried many times to add mobile toolbars on to my blog. unsuccessfull. !!
    Its showing in the template preview. but when i browse through my phone, its not just happening. Somewhere i saw to search for “AddThis” on my blog code and add mobile=’yes’ , but i cant find any such code. Curiously waiting for someone to reply. I love this feature of AddThis. Someone please help !1

  • Hi Krishna, we’re sorry to hear you’re having problems adding mobile toolbars to your blog. Please email and we’ll help you get this sorted out right away. Thanks!

  • Alex r

    Please, add close/toggle button in “Pro Mobile share Toolbar” similar as “Mobile Toolbar”

  • Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback. I’ve shared your suggestion with our team!

  • Hi Paul, please send an email to help [at] addthis [dot] com and a member of our support team can certainly assist. Thanks!

  • Hi Danny, we’d love to help. Can you send us an email at with these details and the link to your site? Our support team will be able to take a look at this for you.