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What’s the Best Content to Post on Social Media?

To drive traffic to their website, site owners and marketers not only need to know what time of day to post on social media, but also what type of content to post to the different audiences. Here’s our quick guideline on what type of content performed the best across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ throughout April 2014.

First we looked at the top shared content on the most popular social networks to see what content type of content is shared the most to each network during the month of April. Here’s what we found.

Now that you have an overview of our findings, here’s how we came up with it.


Remember seeing your friends posting all sorts of quiz results in your newsfeed? You know, the ones that tell us what celebrity we are and what city we should live in? Those. And plenty of heartwarming and inspirational stories as well as entertainment news topped the charts on Facebook.


Twitter was the place for useful business articles, breaking news, and stories that spread awareness.


It’s no surprise that recipes are all over Pinterest, but we also found fashion trends, DIY outdoor projects, and home improvement tips.


LinkedIn is the network for industry news. We saw a strong concentration of articles related to technology, the environment, and real estate.


On Google+ we found deals, coupons, celebrity news, and sports articles.

While we saw some overlap on each of the social networks, the top shared content on each network allowed us to identify trends.Seeing the type of content users share the most on each network is indicative of the users of those networks. Tailoring your brand’s content to align with top shared content on different networks will increase visibility and engagement with your content.

What social network do you use the most to share content?

Update 5/28/14: Added infographic to the top of the post.