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Share Counters Go Jumbo

Want to show off your share counts and encourage more sharing on your website? Now you can do both with the new Jumbo Share Counter in AddThis Pro.

Trends in website design (and what publishers want) seems to be going big lately! Big buttons, big photos, and big bad share counters.

We specifically had people asking for Mashable-style share counters, so they must be doing something right. We took some cues from their buttons and created sharing buttons that are big, responsive, and customizable.

You can choose which buttons display, and change the color of the share counter to match your website. You can use an accent color to make them really stick out.

Today we also released a new mobile version of the What’s Next content recommendation tool. Now you can increase recirculation with mobile visitors by showing them recommended content as they scroll down the page in a layout that’s mobile-friendly.

We’re always looking at what features to add next, so check out the new tools in your Tool Gallery, and vote for what we should build next!