New Services Added, Including WhatsApp Sharing


We’re excited to announce a plethora of new services being added to the AddThis menu including WhatsApp&#8212the extremely popular mobile messaging app.

This release includes:

Follow Tools:

  • Etsy&#8212a marketplace where users and vendors can easily buy and sell unique, one of a kind products
  • Behance&#8212a great place to showcase your creative work and now an easier way for people to find your portfolio
  • Disqus&#8212a community within a community, this service helps you connect and engage with other active readers and commenters

Share Tools:

  • WhatsApp&#8212easily share content on this increasingly popular cross-platform mobile messaging application
  • Tapiture&#8212a rapidly growing social sharing site where you can share and buy related products in your network
  • Internet Archive: Wayback Machine&#8212go back a decade, or more, with this service which allows you to search and view archived internet articles shared by users

We’re really excited with the launch of the WhatsApp sharing tool supported on iOS devices, and the benefits it lends to our users, especially our international friends. With over 500 million active users (that’s a lot), adding this share option will certainly help increase both traffic to your site and content engagement.

We know that people use all kinds of platforms to engage, share and browse which is why we’re always on the look out for popular and up and coming services to add to our toolbox. If you have any suggestions for additional services, let us know, and if you haven’t activated our tools yet, what are you waiting for? Check ’em out now!

  • Hi Ankur, please send an email to and we can lend a hand.

  • Adding new feature to the existing one improves the product’s feature and makes people connect easily to each other…

  • Chris

    Any news on this? Is it possible to use it at android now?

  • Yes, WhatsApp sharing is available on Android :)

  • Chris


  • Gamal

    Thank you

  • Mazen

    hi whatsapp shearing not work with me, and show me this page:

    url: http://whatsapp//send?text=Get+likes%2C+get+shares%2C+get+followers+http%3A%2F%2F(my domean)%2F%23.VtzDFE9skus.whatsapp&at4

    This webpage is not available

  • Hi Mazen, we’re happy to take a closer look at this issue for you. Please send us an email with these details, and a link to the site you’re working on, to help [at] addthis [dot] com and out support team will assist. Thanks!

  • Mazen

    ok i send you message.
    thank you :)

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  • dafonk

    Why not publish the solutions here instead of passing it by private message. What sense does that make?

  • dafonk

    Adding what and where???

  • dafonk

    Where you add the ” ” and what are the two points :

  • dafonk

    I can not understand. Still does not work, clicking the button Whatsapp directed to a page that does not open. Some say you have to add “:” somewhere. Do not know where.
    I do not understand how it should work as WhatsApp works with a phone number …

  • Hi, Whatsapp sharing is only available via mobile. Our apologies for the confusion. This is due to no available sharing API for desktop.

  • Vernon Fernandes

    Hi, The whatsapp sharing button is not working on the Windows OS phone at the moment. It worked well the previous month, but now it simply goes and opens the whatsapp website. This only on Windows OS phones, works on iOS and Android. Please advise

  • Were you trying to share to WhatsApp from your site on desktop or mobile? WhatsApp sharing only works via mobile, because they don’t provide a sharing API for desktop.

  • Mahesh Yadav

    what about windows mobile?

  • Currently we only support WhatsApp sharing for iOS and Android browsers.

  • Sharit Sinha

    So, Whatsapp for Web isn’t supported yet by AddThis ?

  • Bunny Joe

    what if there’s no whatsapp installed? what will happen?

  • Mr Hacker

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  • gal

    is it possible on a website with password?

  • Ravi Nigam

    Hi @addthis_prod_disqus:disqus , We have same issue, I am getting this error when mobile has no Whatsapp app installed .

    Pl. provide solution also let us know what android/IOS version and browser version it supports

  • Narendra P

    while sharing on whatsapp thumb image is not loading.. pls help

  • Jerry Schellhammer

    I intend to stay on message with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linked In. I’ll continue to post my blogs every week showcasing my published works, opinions and short narratives that I enjoy sharing with my readers.

  • cuongcad

    Why do not you add zalo services to your stuff, since zalo is now much more popular than Zing for the Vietnamese market.

  • Kori Hill

    Sounds like a great plan, Jerry! Thanks for reading.

  • Kori Hill

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. I’ll report back to the team.