Problems Sharing on iOS Facebook App


Update – As of the 8:48 AM on September 11th, some of our users are still reporting seeing this bug. We’re working with Facebook and hoping they’ll fix this as quickly as possible.

Over the weekend we heard from several of you about issues sharing with the Facebook iOS app and URLs with anchors, which AddThis uses for click and address bar tracking. Facebook seems to be using a kind of URL forwarder in the iOS app that isn’t correctly decoding the %23 in the URL into a #. This is causing URLs to 404 because the resource they’re looking for doesn’t have that name. We’ve reached out to Facebook about this issue.

The problem occurs if you are trying to share a URL with a # in the string. For example, say you share this URL:

The Facebook app will cause it to look like this:

Because web servers consider the %23 to be part of the filename instead of the hash or anchor, it looks for a resource with a name ending in %23abc123. And because there probably isn’t one, this will result in a 404 error.

We’re in touch with Facebook now and are working with them to get this resolved as soon as possible. Check back later today for updates to this issue.

  • Sven Ernst

    The bug is not fixed yet. We just tested is and the hash sign %23 still does NOT get decoded. So the share actually lands the user on a 404 page.

  • Sven Ernst

    The bug is not fixed yet. We just tested is and the hash sign %23 still does NOT get decoded. So the share actually lands the user on a 404 page.

  • phatworksdigital

    I had the same problem. How are we going to fix this…

    9:30 AM on September 9th: this bug appears to have —-NOT—- been fixed by Facebook.

    I still have a 404 but my ipad app is ok… weird

  • It looks like it’s working on some sites vs. others. We’ll keep an eye on this and see if Facebook rolls out a complete fix soon.

  • We tested it as well and worked for us, so it seems it works on some sites over others. If we hear anything from Facebook, we’ll post it here. Thanks for letting us know!

  • Daralene Irwin

    Still not working for my company as of 10:30am on 9/10.

  • Elie Palima

    Still Not Working! It’s a real bummer. my 404 pages suddenly became my top 3 most visited page.

  • ChrisG

    Still broken! This is major, guys.. if a sharing plugin goes to a 404, we’re just wasting traffic..

  • phatworksdigital

    I think you should change the Blog… I don’t think it is right to say that the bug has been fixed when there are obviously a lot of people still left in the lurch. It seems misleading…

  • Apologies for the confusion. We heard that some of the sites using AddThis anchors were working again, and see now that it isn’t for others. It seems the fix is being rolled out slowly. We updated the blog and await Facebook’s response. We apologize for the miscommunication.

  • We completely understand and apologize for the inconvenience. We’ve contacted Facebook about this issue. It seems that some AddThis users are still having issues while others aren’t, so we’ll keep you posted if we hear anything back from Facebook.

  • Thanks for letting us know, Daralene. We’ve updated our blog post with the latest status, and await to hear back from Facebook. We’ll post another update once we know something.

  • phatworksdigital

    That’s ok… Cheers, I will keep following this feed till something happens. Thanks for keeping us up to date…

  • Sorry to hear that, Elie! Unfortunately, we don’t have a suggested fix for this since some URLs with anchors are breaking while others aren’t. We’ll keep you posted and update this blog post as SOON as we hear back from Facebook or our users about a resolution!

  • A similar but more aggressive problem exists for urlencoded status updates on facebook but for mobile fb only.
    Opening a URL from a fb status update fails. It seems that the “%” urlencode character is further expanded to “%23”.

    This problem exists only on mobile fb platforms (tested on iOS 7 & Android 2.2).

    Desktop fb does not have this problem so i guess it has something to do with the way their mobile apps work or parse URLs before opening them in the embedded browser.

  • We haven’t heard about this one before, so thanks for telling us! We’ll send it along to Facebook and hopefully see a fix soon.

  • Ankur

    Whatsapp sharing on IOS Facebook APP is not working. Rest all are working. Any info on the same?

  • yogesh

    working fine now thanks for the great saved lots of my time