Introducing the Overlay and MailChimp Integration


We’re thrilled to introduce the Targeting Overlay. And to add to what’s becoming a growing suite of conversion tools, we’re also excited to unveil our integration with MailChimp that will drive subscribers to your email lists, via the Targeting Overlay.

Recently we also introduced our Welcome Bar conversion tool. Since it’s launch, activation of the tool has skyrocketed, becoming our most installed tool to date! You told us you wanted more tools to help drive more conversions on your site, so with that, we’re giving you the Targeting Overlay.

The AddThis Targeting Overlay can be customized to suit your site’s design and messaging. It’s responsive on all mobile devices, creating a seamless user experience for your visitors no matter where they see your site. The Overlay can appear on desktop after a visitor indicates they’re leaving your page or on mobile when they scroll 75% down the page.


Our integration with MailChimp also helps make it easy for both site owners and users. Once you set it up on your site, your visitor simply enters their email information, clicks “Submit,” and they’ll receive a confirmation message sent by MailChimp. Your subscriber’s information will then be waiting in your MailChimp account.

Start growing your business today by activating our Targeting Overlay tool!

  • In the tool menu it says the box can appear after a delay, or upon scroll. But I see no way to chose which option or no place to specify the delay length. Also in your post you said it can appear when someone indicates they are leaving the page which seems to be a third option, but I can’t see anything to select that either. Can you clarify all this please? Thanks!

  • Hi Dan, thanks so much for your comment. Currently, there aren’t those kind of advanced controls for our conversion lightbox. The timing on when the tool appears is pre-determined to 75% scroll on mobile and on exit intent on desktop. I will be editing the description to be more clear, but we greatly appreciate the feedback and will be taking those kinds of features into consideration as we make continual updates to the tool. Please stay tuned to the blog for updates!

  • Nobody you know


  • ebookreaderuk

    Try leaving this site if you are on a PC

  • Nobody you know

    And? Is something supposed to happen? Using iMac OS 10.9. Ho hum.

  • Bryan Gray

    Still waiting for a non-branded Pro option and I’d happily jump on board.

  • Do you have options for disabling the addthis logo?

  • adsrsounds

    I use Campaign Monitor – is there support for this?

    Also can i remove the ‘Add This’ Branding? Deal breaker if not!

  • Laura

    Wow. That is extremely annoying. That would make me want to leave a website even more and never come back. Especially on a mobile device.

  • We leave branding on our tools to abide with IAB guidelines regarding third-party tools, so we cannot remove them. As for adding new email services… we’re adding more of those soon! We’ll keep everyone posted on the blog.

  • Unfortunately, we cannot remove our logo from the tools due to IAB guidelines regarding third party tools.

  • Sorry Bryan, but we cannot remove the logo due to IAB guidelines regarding third party tools. Are there any other features you’d like to see before going Pro?

  • We have the Lightbox tool activated on our blog right here. It may be that you already X’d out at one point or you have ad blockers that may be preventing you from seeing it.

  • Thanks for chiming in, Laura. This tool is designed to be as less intrusive for the visitor and as effective for the website owner as possible. Once you X out of the Lightbox, you’ll never see it again. Let us know if you still feel our tool is giving you a bad experience.

  • You’ll need to activate the Lightbox in your dashboard next.

  • Nobody you know

    what dashboard?

  • Once you register for an AddThis account, you can activate and control all your tools from your own dashboard. You can get started here:

  • Nobody you know

    But the Conversion Lightbox tool has a ‘go pro’ link on it indicating I have to buy something before I can even test this thing. This is all very frustrating and not impressive. I don’t know how I even got your email but I’m coming to your website cold, with no idea what got me there. Seems to me like you have an interesting product but I can’t for the life of me figure out what it is.

  • We’re sorry for the confusion! We’re the creators of a whole host of website tools to help you reach the results you’re looking for: more shares, clicks, followers, even conversions. Over 14 million websites use our tools, so you may have stumbled upon us that way. :)

    We have some free and some paid tools (the Lightbox is one of the paid tools). Once you register, and click on “Tool Gallery,” you can see all the tools we have to offer. You can pick and choose whichever tools work best for your site. And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post it here or email us directly ( We’re happy to help in any way we can!

  • Bryan Gray

    Really? How do all of these other free and paid third party tools and services (that do and don’t place 3rd party cookies) get around non-branded issues? I understand the need for transparency with advertising but I fail to see how a paid third party tool would classify as advertising. Sorry, I’m just confused how and why this is relevant.

  • oh very nice

  • Finger Click Saver

    That is annoying. I’m wondering if that even meets the regulations for widgets etc. that flash? I would hate to have one of my readers with a seizure disorder – have a seizure from having that flash in their face.

  • Finger Click Saver

    I tried what was suggested below about leaving the site – that is much better :)

  • Sorry for the confusion! But yes, the image above is just a looping animated gif to show how it works, though it’s not meant to be an exact representation.

  • Shannon

    That’s a great point and I understand why there is some confusion. If you want to discuss this more in depth, as well as ask any other questions you have about AddThis Pro, you can reach me at and we can certainly set up some time to talk. Thanks for the feedback!

  • We do have videos! Here’s one explaining how to add tools to your blog: But if you have further questions, our support team is happy to help. Email us your website and information to and they’ll take a look!

  • Nobody you know

    The Intro video for Add This Pro was excellent– I’ve never heard of you and had no idea what you were talking about and what your stuff did and none of the resources on your website seemed to explain it. Now I know what you do I’ll certainly keep your products in mind.

  • We’re glad the video helped! And thanks for considering our products. If in any moment you have a question, feel free to email us ( or comment right here. :)

  • Daniel

    It would be awesome if related content in the lighbox was an option on exit intent. Is that possible?

  • karyeh

    Hi I have the generated code from my styled light box…the styles don’t appear once I have pasted in to my code. HELP?!

  • Karyeh, can you drop an email to and they would love to help you figure out what’s going on? Thanks!

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  • Kim Perkins

    Can you provide supporting statistics for using a lightbox to capture subscriptions?

  • Hi Kim, here’s a link where you can see several case studies we’ve done with publishers using AddThis Audience Targeting, specifically for capturing subscriptions: