Introducing the New Mobile-Friendly AddThis Dashboard!


As we continue to make moves towards a more awesome experience for our users, we’re excited to roll out the new and improved reporting dashboard which is 100% mobile-friendly! Find out how your site’s performing, make changes to your tools, and manage your account while you’re on-the-go.

Once you’re logged into your account you’ll notice a few changes.

  • Faster loading—Data and analytics load faster than before, cutting down the time you spend accessing your site’s information
  • Analytics all in one screen—See how your site’s performing with different filtering options
  • Track conversions—New! Get clear stats on how your site tools are bringing you conversions
  • Mobile-responsive—Access a summary or dig deep into your analytics on your tablet or smartphone. You can even take action by activating tools or promoting content
  • Easy-access Settings—Click on your gravatar to toggle between profiles or access your billing information

Become familiar with the new dashboard with this handy video tour:

Or better yet, familiarize yourself by signing into your account!

  • Good job, guys!

  • Your notes always make us smile, Christian. Thanks!

  • really awesome!! Love it :)

  • Hmm what is that “content feed” tool? ;)

  • Thanks for the kudos!

  • That was actually one of the tools we had up for a vote in the dashboard. In the video, you saw the demo.

  • Maybe I’m watching a different video as I can’t see it. Anyway…. hope to use it soon whatever it is.

  • dave

    Sometimes the recommended content tools show up as the content feed in the dashboard. Showing analytics by tool is still a fairly new feature for us, so thanks for catching that.