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4 Tips to Track Social Media Better Using AddThis


After you’ve set up your social media strategy to align with your business goals, and pulled together either paid or free social monitoring services, you’ve got one more habit to get into: tracking. From one fellow community manager to another, you know how important it is to know how one tweet performed versus another, or if one blog post rocked on one social network over another. This can only happen by having the right tracking in place.

Use Trackable Sharing Buttons

Not all sharing buttons are created equal, which is why you should pick sharing buttons that will give you a good signal of what’s going on in your site. You may see some insight in your analytics that tell you people visited your site, and some of them were from social. But to really know how and where your community is sharing your content, your sharing buttons should tell you.

By using the right sharing buttons to help you see which social network is most popular among your audience, you’re going to understand your community better. Who knows? There may be a strong niche community reading your content in a social network you’re not actively engaging. These are a community manager’s dream gems to find!

Use Trackable Follow Buttons

Do you know, off the top of your head, how many social followers your site got for you this week? If your follow buttons were trackable, you’d be able to get this number without much digging in your analytics. And wouldn’t it rock to be able to tell your teammates you know that most of your Instagram followers came from your site? (This happened to us, actually!) As a community manager, this is the type of understanding that’ll open your eyes into exactly how your audience is engaging with your content. Discover which social networks your audience is most engaged with, and how your site is helping you drive engagement off your domain with trackable follow buttons.

Use Trackable URLs

You can automatically have unique hashes appended to all of your site’s pages to help you generate unique links that you can then use to push to social. Address bar sharing adds a unique set of characters to the very end of your URL that will make that URL unique. (And don’t worry, this will not negatively affect your SEO.)

The reason you’ll want to do this is if you’re trying to monitor how the same content performs on different social networks, and which messaging performed best on the same topic.

There’s nothing more frustrating than spending so much time creating awesome content, and having tons of Tweets out there to drive traffic to your pages, and then not being able to tell which phrasing or timing actually worked best. Go beyond the pageviews and visits by making all your site’s URLs generate uniquely. You’ll then even be able to catch where a big segment of your traffic came from.

Use Analytics

Tying all of that data together into an easy-to-read dashboard is usually the hardest part of a community manager’s job, but lucky for you, AddThis’ dashboard pulls all of this information for you in one place. The dashboard lays out in crisp and clear graphics how all of your audience members engaged with your site, which tools they used to engage, and which content they liked the most. Know exactly which social network is growing the most from your site, and which is being shared to the most. Know all this by just scanning your dashboard (without drowning in search queries and exported spreadsheets).

How are you currently tracking social activity on your website?

  • I love that you’ve added Trackable URLs. We’ve been using Tynt (which we love) but I will have to test the AddThis version to see how it compares. I’d obviously love a more unified dashboard.

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    I am using your share button, its i got through my wordpress theme. I love it really very easy to use.

  • Ifdy Perez

    We’d love for you to test the AddThis features! I personally use it to track our own engagement across AddThis social, and it really helps. Let me know when you set it up, and I’ll be happy to give you some tips.

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    I’m not traking because it is all in english and to me the IT isn’t understandable to read and apply technics. still your layouting here is very nice and light – thank you very much.

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    I’d love to but I don’t know where to start.

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