Our New Mission: Making the Open Web Personal


Today, AddThis is adopting its very first mission statement to: make the open Web personal. We believe that with the proper level of understanding and with the right tools, we can enable you to engage your audience individually both on and off your website, and stop giving them a one-size-fits-all online experience. Our new Audience Targeting capability allows you to personalize your website—completely powered by our data co-op of 1.8+ billion unique users from more than 14 million websites.

Personalization Works.

Historically, we’ve seen personalization transform businesses like Amazon & Netflix by creating online experiences tailored to the interests of their users. But a lot has stood in the way of the personal Web becoming democratized and available to everyone. The big data that drives audience understanding is only available within the silos of the biggest websites, and it’s often too limited in scope or not transparent. On top of that, analytics aren’t easily actionable.

Personalization Drives Metrics.

Personal experiences drive the metrics that matter for your business. For advertisers & marketers, this means you can create and target campaigns tailored to your audience’s precise interest. For website owners, this means putting the right content, call to action, or offer in front of the right user—based on their interests—to get them going in their journey as a customer.

Personalization by AddThis.

This is where we come in. Because our tools are ubiquitous across the Web, we can provide a big picture understanding of consumer behavior, and drive engagement with our simple tools available to everyone.

Unlike other personalization tools, our unique off-domain data allows us to do this on a visitor’s first time on your website. That way you can have a meaningful interaction with that new visitor—who happens to be your biggest growth opportunity.

Making the open Web personal is a big challenge. But as people who live and work online, we’re up to the task and dedicated to making the web a better experience for everyone.

We hope that you’ll join us, not just as customers, but as partners. Together we can make the Web a better place.

  • jan oskar hansen

    Oil Change

    I’m not a poet never was, but I like to tell stories

    Most of the stories are for my inner ear,

    But for some reason my collections are called poetry.

    I’m a practical chap, just changed oil in my car and

    Filled up the coolant, which is pink coloured.

    Later I will drive to the local garage and see if the tyres

    Have the right amount of air, and then clean the car.

    When I write about carob trees and my special tree

    The almond, which in my mind, strews flowers on mine

    Fevered often walked track,
    I do so in tenor like oiling

    The hinge of a door or hammer a long nail into a wall,

    Nothing can be less poetic. In Kaleidoscope once I saw

    My future lover’s face, can that be called poetry?

  • connie st jean

    I want to use the orange button to send artlcles to people. How do I sign up and get the orange button.? I had it before my computer crashed two months ago.

  • You’re probably looking for our browser extensions:

  • ahmet barkuş

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