2014 Year in Review [Infographic]: How Social Media Fueled Social Action


Social media had a big year in social action. Huge world sports events like the Sochi Olympics and World Cup took place and garnered nearly 5 million shares on our network. We also saw other stories capture worldwide attention and spur online engagement. Stories like the Ferguson/Michael Brown case and the Scottish Independence vote sparked political outrage both on the streets and online. But there was one thing we found tied all of these events together.

After the Michael Brown/Ferguson hearing and Eric Garner jury decision, people across the world took to social networks to gather information, posts their thoughts, and organize on the streets. The Ukrainian Crisis and Gaza Conflict followed the same pattern: people used social media to gather in protests and spread information quickly. Social media was used as a tool to bring about change in these communities. People were not apathetic, they took charge, and it was the people who empowered social media.

Read on to discover this year’s inspiring social trends in our annual year-end infographic.


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  • Catherine Sally Alexander

    Good and maybe the Clipperton Project will interest people they are going around the world helping people learn about the sea and plight of the oceans

  • Guest

    good infographic :)

  • Anish

    cool infographic B-)

  • Crimean Independence? The independence from Ukrainian food, water, gas, electricity and freedom?

  • Thanks! We’re glad you liked it!

  • Why, thank you! We’re excited about this one. :)

  • Bhaben Deka

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  • Duy Đoàn

    I have been a fan of addthis for years, but this is the first time i doubt the intelligence of this site. I come from Vietnam and no one around me use the site Ketnooi. I have been working in Internet Industry for 7 years, and this is the 1st time I know there is a social network named Ketnooi in Vietnam. This lead to a wrong information: the sharing trend in Vietnam is surging due to Ketnooi.
    It’s not even a small wave at all.

  • Sergey

    Ukrainian crisis? Russian invasion! Informational-economical-military aggression.

  • Duly noted, Duy. Based on our data, Ketnooi actually owned over 50% of shares in Vietnam. Though this may not be the impression you’re having, we do see about 98% of the Internet, and there definitely was a huge growth for the new social network in 2014!