How Mercy Home Grew Donations With AddThis Marketing Tools

Mercy-HomeLast week I took some time to talk with Lynn Luong, the Coordinator for Online Marketing at Mercy Home, who manages their website and social media presence. Mercy Home provides kids in crisis with the support and guidance they need to realize their own potential and make positive decisions. Their annual fundraising campaign is vital to the organization – and with the help of AddThis Pro tools they raised almost $5,000 in just two days.

Mercy Home started using the AddThis Pro tools in 2013 with the sole purpose of engaging with donors and visitors, specifically a younger demographic. Initially they used the follow and share buttons on the footer and top right corner of their site and immediately saw an increase in content shared about their program. After experimenting with placement they saw a 32% increase in Facebook sharing and 9% increase with both email sharing and Twitter. Overall traffic increased by 10% and they successfully reached their target audience.

Following the announcement of the Marketing Overlay tools with audience targeting, Mercy Home started using it to collect email subscriptions from visitors and grow their distribution list. It worked so well that they decided to switch the messaging to encourage visitors to donate to their annual fundraising campaign (which only had two days left).

The Marketing Overlay tool ended up collecting 9 donations with a total of $4,900. This helped them end their 2014 fundraising efforts nicely and with such positive results they will be using the Marketing Overlay tool on their sister site to encourage people to sign up to volunteer in their February campaign.

“We plan on running more A/B tests with the tools to see what performs best and we’re really excited to keep trying the image overlay options.” says Lynn. “We already have one on March For Kids and it really encompasses our branding and messaging while making the tool pop.”

We’re excited to see how their upcoming campaigns perform and can’t wait to share the results.

  • Great results, and a great cause! Congratulations!

  • Lynn Luong

    Lovely speaking with you Shannon! 25 conversions and counting on our March For Kids site! We love addthis!

  • Shannon

    Awesome Lynn! So glad to hear it :) We love everything you all do at Mercy Home!!

  • Indeed! Congratulations to Mercy Home on all their awesome work!

  • That is the great info I get now. Love addthis much! Congrats Lynn

  • Shannon

    Aw thanks! Glad you like it – we’ll keep em coming!

  • patrick


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