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Valentine’s Day 2015 by the Numbers

Valentine's Day 2015 Data

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast – like in 2 days fast. That means the Internet is all abuzz with Valentine’s offers, conversations around what to get, and even singles websites offering to play Cupid and find you the love of your life. We ran some data to find out how shopping in traditional Valentine’s categories varies from state to state, what the popular gifts are this year, and whether diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend.

Valentine's Day 2015 Data

  • Farzaneh.mazarei


  • Ali

    What about those whom have no valentines day >:(

  • I love statistics! <3

  • Lebasibaia

    well, all the thinks are beatiful, in this page, thak you my dear.

  • hopeless romantic

    well…even though i am a hopless romantic and v-day is my most favourite day of the year…i still can relate to that awful feeling of not having someone special to make you feel special…
    Still i think you should use this as an opportunity to celebrate the amazing person you have become whithout having someone….spoil yourself rotten on this awesome day and why not become your own biggest fan? Being single aint that big of a deal when you are in love with yourself….and loveing who u are is something special to celebrate :) happy v-day :)

  • Saving money in 3, 2, 1….

  • So do we! :)