New Placement Options & Enhanced Bar for Audience Targeting Tools


New Audience Targeting Tool Placement Options

We just released two additional placement positions for Audience Targeting tools to give your site more customization options. These additional placements will appear as a small overlay that pop up after your visitors begin scrolling down the page.

These overlays will function just like the original Audience Targeting Overlay or Bar; use them to help you reach your goals — whether it’s to collect emails, send traffic to a specific page, grow your community on social, or for something else entirely.

You can choose whether to show the new overlay on the bottom-left or bottom-right of the screen — this will seem familiar to you if you ever used the Recommended Content Toaster.

Enhanced Design for the Audience Targeting Bar

We also enhanced the Audience Targeting Bar to be even easier on the eyes of your visitors. The top position now features a sleeker, tighter design, and the bottom position is taller than before. Both Audience Targeting Bar positions animate out of the page when a user begins to scroll. All of these new features have been designed and tested to help generate you more conversions.


Try It Now!

All these new features are now live! If you haven’t enabled them, dive into your AddThis Dashboard and try them out.

Not an AddThis user? Did you know that you get two Audience Targeting rules for FREE when you register for an AddThis Basic account? You can always upgrade if you want to create more than two messages to target your visitors with deeper audience characteristics. Don’t miss out on making your website more effective with personalized content.

Tell us what you think about the new features in the comments below!

  • Christian Reig


  • iSA


  • If I am using the Content Toaster feature, will these two overlap or will it prevent conflicts?

  • Scott Jacob

    We are running a Chat service in the lower right corner. This is only active when the office is open. Can the custom message overly be activated only when the other is not?

  • I prefer a custom bar pinned on the top. May I have the previous custom bar position?

  • jb

    Not working, Just added the custom message to one of my clients Joomla website on the bottom left and nothing shows up. Any advice?

  • Hi there, mind please sending an email to with this issue? We’ll be able to take a closer look for you once we get a few more details. Thanks!

  • The previous positions (center, top, and bottom) are still available. When you’re logged into the Custom Message Creator, just click on “Position” at the bottom and you should see where you can select “top”.

  • Hi Scott, thanks for your question. In order to figure out what’s possible with this kind of customization, please email and we can assist. Thanks!

  • Hi Lynda, in terms of overlap, there are a few different factors to account for (such as when the two different tools are triggered by the user). If you wouldn’t mind, please email and we can take a closer look for you and advise on the best approach. Thanks!

  • I guess I should clarify, I am not having the issue, just a thought. I’ll probably have it on the left and the content toaster on the right, so no issues. Just a thought. =>

  • Wayne Young

    Do I have to add the Custom Message Code to EACH page on my site for it to work on each page on my site OR just the homepage?

  • Andrew

    I preferred the slimmer bottom bar. I feel the new taller version is too “in your face”. Can you please provide the option to have the old style.

  • Hi Andrew, at this time there’s no way to revert to the previous version of the bottom bar. We do appreciate your feedback though as we continue to refine Custom Messages. I’ve passed your note along to others on my team.

  • Hi Wayne, our code will have to be on the pages where you want a Custom Message (or any of our tools) to appear. This is the code that’s generated after you Save & Activate your first Custom Message. You can add it to the of your page. (If you need this snippet of code again, just log in to your AddThis Dashboard, go to Tools in the top nav, and then on the Tools page click the “Get the Code” button on the top right.)

  • Andrew, you can override the AddThis settings by adding your own CSS. I don’t know the exact CSS but I’ve done it multiple times to fix a conflict from my CSS or, as in your case, narrow the top (or bottom) bar.

  • Jessica Anne

    Can you delay the welcome bar so it shows up after a visitor has been on the site more than XX seconds?

  • Hi Jessica, this isn’t possible with the Welcome Bar positioning. However, it is possible with the Overlay. When you log in to your AddThis dashboard and go to Custom Messages, select the “center” position (which is what I’m referring to when I say “Overlay”, and then go to “More Options”. When under More Options, you’ll see the selection for “Show this message on exit, after x seconds or page views”. Hopefully this helps! Please let us know if you have more questions :)

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  • Daniel Katz

    Is it possible to trigger the new toaster-like targeting ui via the API?

  • Hi Daniel, it’s not possible to trigger the toaster ui with the API. However, you can use our API to trigger things after it appears. Details here:

  • Daniel Katz

    Thanks, for your response.
    Is there a plan to support such a scenario in the future? You also can benefit from it, by letting the customers to be able to have their own logic for targeting and message timing, you have to implement only the most common, and let the customers do the rest themselves. And since you already have the message queuing and rendering implemented, your product can serve also as add-on framework for user interaction. I think, there is a need for such tool in the market.

  • That’s awesome to hear you’re planning on using the Welcome Bar. Please send an email to and our support team can help you work out any problems you’re having.

  • Hi Daniel, there currently aren’t plans to support this. However, I will pass your feedback along to other team members. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  • Hi Andy, please send an email to and our support team will take a closer look for you. Thanks!

  • Hi Lucy, you can get our WordPress plugin here:

  • Please send an email to and our support team will assist. Thanks!

  • Hi CK, it does! Yes, you have to add our snippet of Javascript to your page and then you can activate the different tools from within the AddThis dashboard.

  • CK

    Thank you. Where can I get the code and instructions on how to install?

  • You first need to be an AddThis account holder. If you’re not already registered, you can do so here: If you are already registered, and you don’t already have our code on your page, you can find it by logging in to your AddThis dashboard, going to “Tools” in the top nav, and then clicking the “Get the Code” button on the right hand side of the page above the tool gallery.

  • CK

    Thank you for the instructions.

  • Sure thing :)

  • dave

    We are working on a developer console in the dashboard that would let you set custom triggers. Contact me at dave @ addthis dot com if you want to check it out.

  • That’s great to hear, Clay! Please let us know if you have any questions along the way.

  • That’s great to hear, Clay! Please let us know if you have any questions along the way.

  • aqualivsupport

    We added the new welcome bar with specific targeting for mobile (phones only, not tablets). We are about to launch a phones-only version of a page and were wondering what data you are using to separate tablets from phones? We were going to use a screen width of 800px for the redirect, but wanted our efforts to match up with yours as the new page design will rely on the welcome bar for conversions. Thank you for any input you can provide.

  • Absolutely! You can email at any time if you have questions about our web tools. Also, I see you’ve added some of our share buttons to your website’s blog – looking good!

  • Great question! Yes, you can upload your own custom image for our Audience Targeting overlay and bottom left/right positioning. In terms of installing our plugin on your WordPress site, if you’re looking to add our Audience Targeting tools (like what’s shown in the blog post above), you can either add our code to your footer template file (just before the tag), or you can install our plugin ( and set it to Dashboard mode, which is under the Advanced Options tab within the plugin.

  • Great to hear about your use of the welcome bar and the targeting you have set up. In terms of data used to separate devices, we use several factors for detecting phone vs tablet, including both the browser’s user-agent and resolution.

  • Great to hear about your use of the welcome bar and the targeting you have set up. In terms of data used to separate devices, we use several factors for detecting phone vs tablet, including both the browser’s user-agent and resolution.

  • Great to hear about your use of the welcome bar and the targeting you have set up. In terms of data used to separate devices, we use several factors for detecting phone vs tablet, including both the browser’s user-agent and resolution.

  • Google mobile test add this still fails even though customers have been complaining for months. Matt does nothing to fic it

  • We’d love to speak with you further about this issue. Please send an email to help [at] addthis [dot] com and our support team can assist.