3 Ways We’re Dedicated to Health at AddThis


Part of what makes AddThis an exciting place to work is the fun and distinct approach we take to our daily routine. Our employees are extremely talented and hardworking, which is why it’s important to balance the scale by incorporating some stress-relieving activities that also improve personal health. One way we approach this balance is through good old-fashioned exercise!

Here are 3 new office activities we do that keep us healthy:

1. The Running Club

This is a legacy club at AddThis, as we’ve had various running clubs throughout the years. However, our highly driven Director of Product Marketing, Shannon Madlin, heads the current running club. She’s gathered a group of employees who get together and run 3-4 miles on the trails behind our office. There are hills, bridges (over a rippling creek), dirt paths and pavement for our runners to pound. The club meets in the parking lot before work and runs as a team in order to push their fitness and clear their heads before the day begins.

2. Yoga

We’re a flexible company. No, seriously. I mean we are physically flexible. This is thanks to the Founder of Mind Your Body Oasis, Amanda Shipe. She joins us on a bi-weekly basis and takes us through various yoga workouts. She accommodates all levels of skill and helps us de-stress for an hour at the end of the day. After class, our focus is in the right place to finish up our remaining tasks and head home feeling great.


3. The AddThis #LoseThis Challenge

This year, a few of us decided that it was time to shed some pounds. We’re an ambitious and competitive group, so we thought a little contest was in order. For 12 weeks, we conducted a weight loss challenge to see who could lose the largest percentage of body weight.

Collectively, participants lost an average of 4.31% of their total body weight! The winner, Phil Denis, one of our stellar Sales Executives in New York, took home the title and a brand new pair of personalized NIKEiD shoes. His total body weight percentage loss over 12 weeks was a whopping 8.51%!

These are just a few of the cool things we do at AddThis. To learn more, check out our careers page. We’re holding open membership for the AddThis running club!

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