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5 Ways to Boost Your Nonprofit Annual Fundraising Efforts

Raising money is both the most important and most difficult objective for nonprofits to fulfill. Luckily, as organizations grow their digital profiles, they also grow their opportunities for fundraising. We pulled together some easy ways you can give your donation efforts a big boost.

1. Use strong calls to action.

Your “donate” messaging is the single most important factor when it comes to getting potential donors to support your nonprofit’s campaign. Say it loud and proud! Here are some ideas for making fundraising front and center.

2. Leverage social proof.

Social proof is a powerful tool for decision-making online. If a friend or family member likes an organization’s page on Facebook, you’re more likely to click than you would by simply seeing an ad promoting it. The actions and support of others carries more weight than brand messages. Here are some easy ways to leverage social proof.

3. Make your website mobile-friendly.

Within the past four years, mobile use has grown nearly 400%, and 80% of online searches are now done on a smartphone. This means that there’s a good chance many of your website visitors are on a cell phone or tablet. Giving them a clean, easy-to-navigate mobile experience will ensure that you don’t lose potential donors.

The nonprofit charity:water does most things right in the digital space, and their mobile site is no exception. Not only is it beautiful and pared down, the donation process is stripped down to the essentials in a simple, multi-page experience with minimal scrolling.

4. Suggest donation amounts and frequency.

For a first-time donor, it’s hard to know what amount will really make an impact. Suggesting donation amounts makes it easy for them. It’s even better if you can illustrate exactly what each giving level can pay for. Restore NYC offers concrete examples of how much services cost, different giving levels, and the opportunity to make your contribution recurring on a monthly basis.

5. Keep in touch with donors through email.

If donors give to a cause, they want to hear about how it’s doing! Keep in touch with those who have donated with news and updates about how their contributions are making a difference. And think beyond just donors when it comes to growing your subscriber list. A visitor to your website may not donate the first time they visit, but with a reminder and more information, you can convert them to a donor. Here are a few ideas for using email marketing to grow your fundraising.

Engaging with your website visitors will go a long way toward building relationships with them—whether they’re regular or one-time donors, or simply those who are interested in your cause. Those relationships, and the trust and passion they’re based on, are what will ultimately make your fundraising efforts a success.