7 Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Get Instagram followers

If you’re not leveraging Instagram, then you’re missing out. With over 400 million users spanning across the globe, Instagram is an excellent place to begin building an online community.

This image sharing platform has exploded in popularity and doubles as a social discovery tool. Not only are users sharing images, but they are actively searching for new and unique photos. As a result, brands are finding that Instagram is a great platform to market to users. But how does a newcomer to Instagram grow their following?

Starting an Instagram account for your brand is straightforward. Have a product that you’d like to feature? Get creative with your images. If you don’t have a product, think through what aesthetic matches your company culture or aligns with your mission. Make sure you keep that theme consistent when you choose your images. Use hashtags when posting to help get your brand discovered. Engage in other conversations, collaborate with similar users and test out your posts. You can also put some dollars behind your posts to get new views.

To learn more about these tips, check out the full “7 Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Followers” article on the AddThis Academy.

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  • Instagram is indeed very important platform. One reason I can mention is because whatever post goes on here will go on FB as well so there is win win situation anyway!!

  • The cross-posting functionality is certainly a big help!

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  • You’re right Christian. It is very obvious that to get more Instagram followers, you need to increase your engagement to your followers. Post high quality pictures and use relevant hashtags in your description to give people more ways to find you. Be active on Instagram, like and comment pictures on your related niche so that they do the same. All these tips are good and I’ve already used some of these. Thanks for sharing!

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