New! Expanding Share Button for Your Site

expanding share button

We’ve seen a 32% increase in mobile shares over the past year across the AddThis network, inspiring us to introduce a mobile-optimized Expanding Share Button to our paid Pro and Business plans.

What is the Expanding Share Button?

Glad you asked! This new space-saving, mobile-friendly feature leverages material design principles, which allows it to expand on hover or click to reveal a variety of sharing options to your visitors.

The Expanding Share Button works across all devices – including desktop, mobile and tablet. As with all our other share buttons, you can customize the number and composition of the sharing services you’d like to display.

addthis expanding share button

How to Add the Expanding Share Button to Your Website

If you’re already an AddThis Pro or Business account holder, just click here to activate the Expanded Share Button. If not, now could be a great time to upgrade your AddThis account.

If you need a hand setting these buttons up on your site, you can always email our support team at, or tweet us at @addthissupport.

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  • Anyone try this yet? Looks cool but I’m worried about losing shares on mobile. The bottom share bar has the icons visible right away, one less tap.

  • Charles Koehl

    I am trying to set it up but there is no “Get the Code” button shown after I activate it.

  • Charles Koehl

    I am trying to set it up but there is no “Get the Code” button shown after I activate it. Do you know what the embed code is?

  • Hi Charles, if you haven’t already installed the AddThis code on your site, you can do so by logging into the AddThis dashboard and going to “Get the Code” in the top navigation bar. Instructions on how to add it to your site can be found here:

  • Jonathan_Bplans

    Hey AddThis team, we’re running into an issue with this tool. When we activate the Expanding Share Button, it’s not appearing on our site. We’ve already verified that we have the code snippet correctly added, because when we turn on the other share tools (like the Sharing Sidebar and Custom Sharing Sidebar), they do appear. Is there something specific to the Expanding Share Button that we’re missing? We have a pro account too, so that’s not part of the problem.

  • Hi Jonathon, sorry to hear you’re having issues with this button. Would you mind please emailing our support team directly at with a link to the site you’re working on? That way our support team will be able to take a look and see what the issue is. Thanks!


    To developed the social communication the all smart company use the contact button in their new version. I think it increase the technology users and they like to do social communication with others.

  • Is Mobile Friendly Sharing tool is available with free version?

  • nice one

  • This is not only Expanding Share Button but also eye catching

  • 5 * .Nice

  • Billy Albornoz

    The article above does not explain specifically how to add Addthis to your mobile device.