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Smart Layers & AMBER Alerts Coming Together in Next Week’s Hackathon

During next Thursday’s hackathon, a group of AddThis developers will drop what they’re doing to work on integrating ValueClick’s emergency warning system into AddThis Smart Layers. They’ll focus first on creating AMBER Alerts that will dynamically display on tablets, smartphones, and computers in areas where abductions take place.


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E-commerce UX Design with CustomInk and ThinkGeek

For Wednesday night’s NoVA UX meetup I moderated a panel discussion about how two local retailers — CustomInk and ThinkGeek — approach user experience design in an e-commerce setting.

April NoVA UX E-commerce Panel

Both companies use comprehensive testing strategies, and multiple analytics tools like Google Analytics, Omniture, and Adobe’s Test and Target, to optimize conversions and revenue. Continue reading

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

(Blog title: Shakespeare reference, Olsen Twins movie, or Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban score track #5? You decide.)

AddThis has offices in Washington, DC and New York City, both of which were hit by now infamous Hurricane Sandy this week. While NYC is still in the dark (and we’re thinking about them every day!) that didn’t stop some A-Teamers here at AddThis HQ from getting in the Halloween spirit yesterday, as well as some members in our LA office and other remote locales.

Our 2nd Annual Halloween costume contest saw a variety of crazy characters. Three of the “best dressed” won prizes in the following categories:

  • Funniest
  • Scariest
  • Most Creative


Jeannie in LA won Funniest with her hilarious Stewie outfit:

Will in LA won Scariest with his impersonation of Tony Montana from Scarface:

And Leiser from AT:HQ won Most Creative with her interpretation of a “data dump”:

Congratulations to you all!

And in the name of honorable mentions, here are some more photos of the wacky Wednesday wear:

Tiffany as Janet Jackson in the Control era, Kori as Penny Lane from Almost Famous, Collin as an AddThis “adult publisher” and there’s that data dump lady again!

Stephen as Magnum PI!

Paul as Superman and his superdog!

Joe, from our NYC office, is Frankenstorm/NYC reporter. Sandy can’t mess with our sense of humor!

Tracy was a cowgirl and her horse.

Natalija as a “Roman” Goddess … every other day she’s just a regular goddess. :)

Does this look like fun?! If so, check out our open positions! If it’s not your cup of tea, don’t worry, it’s not mandatory to dress up on Halloween. :)

A Nod to Innovation in Advertising & Marketing from AlwaysOn

AO.OH12.OH100.winner.500AlwaysOn announced their 6th annual OnHollywood 100 winners today, and we’re thrilled to be named in the Advertising and Marketing category! The list identifies global innovators that are developing game-changing technologies and “disrupting the Hollywood establishment and creating viable business models for the digital entertainment marketplace.”

We love helping connect movie studios and Hollywood entertainers with the audiences that will love them most. And, on the heels of being named the most innovative company in advertising data by DataWeek in August, it’s gratifying to have our media solutions for brands acknowledged again.

For more information, our press release is here and more details on the award are here. As always, thanks for being great, thoughtful partners.

October Hackathon 2012: Robotics for the Remote Worker and Plenty of Plants

Another successful AddThis Hackathon is in the books! We measure the success of a Hackathon in a few different ways:

For those not familiar with hackathons, they are our 24-hour sprints of innovation. A-Teamers group up, or work alone, on a new project outside of what they are currently working on in their day-to-day. The energy surrounding a hackathon is always fun and familial. They are a very important part of the AddThis culture.

WINNER: Telepresence Roomba Robot

The winning project of this installment of all-night coding was quite impressive. The team went out to solve a common challenge we face at AddThis. Since we have multiple offices across the country, sometimes communicating and collaborating requires extra effort. So, the team created a telepresence robot using a Roomba, a MacBook Air, foamcore and a rocket launcher. And the entire thing was controlled from a Google Hangout! See it in action:

Congratulations to the winning team! It was well deserved.

Honorable Mention: AddThis Garden

The unofficial “runners-up” also deserve Earth Day Award 2012. “AddThis Plant” went on a mission to “green” our new HQ office in Virginia. It is an extensive project of plant growing, caring and loving with the end goal to have a nice array of beautiful oxygen-producing decorations for our work space. Check them out:

And those are just the official winners! There were many other brilliant and noteworthy projects that did not go unnoticed or under-appreciated. Some of which will be used to make everyday AddThis processes more efficient — a win all by itself!

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What I Learned from AddThis’ Global Audience Launch

Last week, I visited London for OMMA Display Europe, AdTrading Summit (ATS) and AdTech as AddThis announced the official launch of our data business for the International markets. What an exciting week! It was standing room only at ATS. Mike Nolet, Appnexus Founder and CTO, and Frank Addante, Founder and CEO of Rubicon, were excited about the energy from the EU digital media community around RTB and audience targeting.  Mike called it the “second wave” of RTB that the EU was now jumping into feet first.

After over 40 meetings in 4 days with the leading companies in our space, these things were clear:

  • Companies are investing in the EU – it’s not a toe in the water, but it’s not a cannon ball either.  They’re testing the waters in preparation for a full dive.
  • Privacy is still an issue for our industry, but that is not holding buyers or sellers back.
  • Buyers are finalizing their platform partnerships, but there is still a big data void – that’s where we come in!

AddThis is excited about the opportunity to partner with our current US partners who are now fully entrenched in their International expansion as well as many new International companies that we met with during our trip.

We see over 1B unique users across the AddThis platform, and we see them over 140 times each month. That allows us to deliver micro targeted segments at massive scale worldwide. We’ve seen success in the States and can’t wait for similar results over seas.

Thanks to everyone who spent time with Art McKinely and me last week. We had a great time and enjoyed the great city of London… and of course the pubs! Let us know if you have any questions about our audiences or modeling capabilities domestically or globally. We’re always happy to help!