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3 Ways We’re Dedicated to Health at AddThis


Part of what makes AddThis an exciting place to work is the fun and distinct approach we take to our daily routine. Our employees are extremely talented and hardworking, which is why it’s important to balance the scale by incorporating some stress-relieving activities that also improve personal health. One way we approach this balance is through good old-fashioned exercise!

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How Virginia Tech Increased Website Conversions By 40%


Virginia Tech, like most institutions for higher education, relies on alumni communications to keep alumni informed about campus news and support annual fundraising efforts. Without up-to-date contact information, however, the university is challenged to reach its annual goals. This is why Juliet Crichton, Digital Editor and Webmaster for Virginia Tech University Relations’ Marketing and Publications, has been focused on figuring out how to encourage alumni to update their Alumni Association profiles.

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Can’t we all just get along: July 6th Cloudflare/Dyn DNS Issues


Today, shortly after 5PM EST, a large portion of the internet suffered an outage which also impacted us here at AddThis. Two major internet services, CloudFlare and Dyn, had trouble communicating. Dyn tells the world how to translate domain names, like, into addresses that computers understand and CloudFlare acts as a delivery network for content on the web. When these two services stopped talking to each other, a large portion of the internet went down with it. Our team, through our automated error detection systems, discovered this issue shortly after it began. Once we determined that the issue was not going to resolve itself quickly we made the decision to cut our traffic over to our secondary CDN provider. This move stabilized our systems and reduced the outage period for us and our customers. At this point everything is 100% back to normal.

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