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Can’t we all just get along: July 6th Cloudflare/Dyn DNS Issues


Today, shortly after 5PM EST, a large portion of the internet suffered an outage which also impacted us here at AddThis. Two major internet services, CloudFlare and Dyn, had trouble communicating. Dyn tells the world how to translate domain names, like, into addresses that computers understand and CloudFlare acts as a delivery network for content on the web. When these two services stopped talking to each other, a large portion of the internet went down with it. Our team, through our automated error detection systems, discovered this issue shortly after it began. Once we determined that the issue was not going to resolve itself quickly we made the decision to cut our traffic over to our secondary CDN provider. This move stabilized our systems and reduced the outage period for us and our customers. At this point everything is 100% back to normal.

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New Placement Options & Enhanced Bar for Audience Targeting Tools


New Audience Targeting Tool Placement Options

We just released two additional placement positions for Audience Targeting tools to give your site more customization options. These additional placements will appear as a small overlay that pop up after your visitors begin scrolling down the page.

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Introducing CSV Export for Targeting Rules


Today, we’re excited to introduce the ability to export any emails captured through AddThis Audience Targeting tools as a .CSV. Since we launched Audience Targeting in December of last year, we’ve repeatedly been asked to add specific email platform integrations. So in an effort to make our Audience Targeting tools as effective as possible for all users, you can now create email lists through the Audience Targeting rule creator, house your collected email addresses in this list, and then export it as a CSV and import it into any email service you currently use.

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AddThis Audience Targeting Tools Now Support Animated GIFs


We’re excited to announce that Audience Targeting overlays now support animated GIFs! This means that in addition to using a static image in your Audience Targeting overlay (either one of our options or one that you have uploaded), you can use GIF animation (like in the example above).

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Introducing the Audience Targeting Creator


A while back we introduced a new feature to the set of Marketing Tools in the form of Audience Targeting, where you can customize messaging to display to different people in your audiences as an overlay on your site. We received some great feedback, and made improvements based on what our users said they needed.

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