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Clint Eastwood Gets More Buzz Than Mitt Romney at Final Night of RNC

Just as the 2012 Olympics were the social Olympics, the Republican National Convention alone has garnered more attention than both conventions together in 2008.  Just on Twitter alone, the end of Governor Romney’s speech prompted over 14K tweets per minute.

Across the web, however, the first of the headliners on the final night won in social mentions.  Having a surprise guest clearly worked with Clint Eastwood and his empty chair garnering more social mentions than the nominee himself.

Once he got started, Romney had a wide range of topics trending, from his watch to his family’s immigration from Mexico.

In terms of geographic interest, Governor Romney spiked understandably in Utah, but had strong mentions from Texas to New Jersey.

Looking forward to Charlotte, the debates, and the rest of the election events.

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Night 1 at RNC 2012: Did Mrs. Romney or Governor Christie get the most buzz?

Last night, the Republican National Convention (#gop2012) fired up in Tampa with two headliners – the nominee’s wife Ann Romney and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

Going first, Ann Romney’s upbeat remarks worked to humanize her husband for the country, as you can see below from the tag cloud showing the most social mentions of their time in college, her illnesses, their faith, and their children, among other personal topics.

Not surprisingly, Mrs. Romney got the most mentions in Massachusetts, where her husband was governor, and in Utah, where there is a high concentration of members of the Mormon faith.

The political Twitterverse lit up with how well Mrs. Romney was doing, but when Chris Christie took the stage, the public comments and the web-wide social mentions shifted. Despite waiting more than 15 minutes to mention Governor Romney in his speech, Chris Christie focused on traditional conservative topics (and his own record), making his speech another highlight of the night.  Looking at the numbers, however, we don’t see a clear winner in the number of social mentions between Christie and Ann Romney.

Looking forward to tonight when Representative Paul Ryan, the nominee for vice president, takes the stage and we see how the web reacts.