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Memorial Day Weekend: Are You Staying or Going?

With the weather already heating up, it only feels appropriate that Memorial Day weekend, the unofficial start of summer, is right around the corner. We decided to take a look at what social content users are sharing the most, and where they are sharing it, to get a better idea of how Americans will be spending their three-day weekend.


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What’s the Social Web Grillin’ This Memorial Day?

Ah, Memorial Day. The unofficial beginning to summer! The pool opens. White pants are no longer judged. People argue over the meaning of barbecue (“it’s a type of food!” “no, it’s a verb!”) Competitive lawn games are normal. Got a shuttlecock? We’ll raise you some bean bags and a game of cornhole.

But according to the social web Memorial Day is all about …

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Above are the top terms about grilling in the US across the AddThis data network including shares, clicks and searches. The larger and darker the word, the more intense the interest. Are we the only ones with growling stomachs? The list of foods is endless: ribs, beef, brisket, kabob, corn, potatoes, vegetables, shrimp, wings … people on the internet are hungry!

Wondering who or what “George” is doing there? That’s not so random when you think of the creator of America’s favorite countertop grill – Mr. GEORGE Foreman.

We also pulled a list of the top trending articles being socialized on the AddThis network about Memorial Day:

And finally, we must not forget the true meaning of Memorial Day and why we celebrate the holiday. It’s a time to remember the fine men and women who died while serving for their country. We encourage you to check your own local information sources, find a service or parade on Monday and take a moment to commemorate and give thanks to their sacrifice.