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Global Audiences

AddThis has more international reach by country than any other data provider. Audience segments are available worldwide.

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Deep global reach provides micro-targeting at massive scale

Audience segments are created from the broadest, deepest data on the open web.

1.5B Users
AddThis operates the largest social and interest graphs on the open web reaching 1.5B users/month.

3 Types of Data
Our social tools generate unique data from search behavior, site meta-data and social interaction.

14M Domains
With social infrastructure on 14M domains, we see an average of 140 data points a month per user.

Audience Segments - In-market audiences deliver high performance campaigns

Vertical Segments allow you to target users that are showing interest in your category.

Multi-Graph Modeling
Our sophisticated, multi-graph technology and data science are unmatched. We use the most sophisticated data science and technology available to identify in-market prospects most likely to convert.

Our Segments
Created from search, site, and social information, our scaled audience segments are designed to extend your audiences to include the most relevant targets in categories from automotive and telecom to beauty and style.

Where to Buy
AddThis audience segments are available directly and through trading desks, DSP's, DMP's, ad networks and exchanges.

Why work with AddThis? Efficiency and effectiveness

AddThis takes privacy seriously. Click here to visit our full privacy policy. AddThis is a member of the leading advertising industry groups focused on privacy, notification, and choice, including the IAB UK.

High performance
AddThis audiences start with the precision of search data. Social and site data are used to refine audiences with the strongest indicators of a user's intent. These digital fingerprints create high performing, flexible campaigns for both direct response and branding goals.

  • For Direct Response campaigns, these audiences provide precise targeting to in-market consumers.
  • For Brand campaigns, these segments provide additional scale using behavioral insights from across the open web.

Scaled audiences
High performing audience segments allow you to scale your message with precision.

  • Broadest reach – AddThis audiences are built from the largest search, social and interest graphs on the web, aggregating proprietary, first-party data from 1.5B users globally on 14M sites.

Where to Buy

AddThis audience segments are available directly and through trading desks, DSP's, DMP's, ad networks and exchanges.

Contact Arthur McKinley, Head of International Business Development at

Fun Facts


European Views

AddThis is viewed 26 billion times a month in Europe.

Industrialized nations spend less time on Facebook and more time on Twitter than average across the AddThis network.

There was a 30% spike in UK social activity during the Olympics compared to an average day in 2012

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