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Brand social medal winners

Which Olympic sponsors were most social during the London games?

Medal Brand Mentions Write-ups Followers
GOLD Chobani 338% 47% +1,032
SILVER Kelloggs 200% 105% +684
BRONZE Visa 178% 44% +2,841
  Hilton 156% 22% +1,562
  Omega 151% 44% +1,572

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Three Levels of Social Interaction:
  • Mentions (Users sharing and searching brand content) Ultimate measure of user engagement across the web, mentions is the percent increase of all the shares and searches that include the name of the brand across 300+ social services on the open web.
  • Write-ups (Content creators writing on a given brand) Percent increase of the number of domains that have published a piece of content on a given brand. Write-ups can be used to determine a tie breaker.
  • Followers (Users becoming brand advocates) Number of new Twitter followers.

Medals are awarded based on the brand with the largest percentage increase in Mentions day-over-day. Write-ups are used to determine tie breakers.

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