AddThis Mobile App Personalization Services

Harness the interests and behaviors of your users to create engaging app experiences they will love.

Drive Growth and Monetization with Personalization

Join the open web’s largest data co-op and personalize your mobile app with interest data on 2 billion users. As users explore your app, you can personalize their experience to improve engagement and generate ROI among your installed base.

How Can AddThis Mobile Data Help You?

With over 100 billion pageviews per month across our network of over 15 million sites, AddThis data can power a robust in-app personalization experience.

Cold Start Content

Understand your user’s interests from across the web to create a personalized “wow” experience from the first app open.

Smart Push

Drive engagement and organic retention with personalized notifications based on your user’s interests and behavior.

Ad Tag

Increase your revenue and drive higher CPMs with deeper, more refined interest-based ad targeting.

Your Data

Below are some of the interest categories AddThis has identified from your browser. The numbers represent the strength of each interest over time.

AddThis captures anonymous interest data based on your browsing behavior.
Please check-back in a few days to view your data.

Try our Demo App

Our news feed reader app demonstrates real-time content personalization based on in-app user behavior and AddThis proprietary mobile web data.

Please view this page from a mobile device to try out our demo app.