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Scrolling Behaviour Helps Optimize Content, Media Strategies
Scrolling matters, says a report based on an analysis across of unique, anonymous web users across browsers that randomly scrolled selected websites in Q2-2014. Scrolling can offer publishers, advertisers and media planners with key insights for content and media planning strategy, says a report from AddThis, a company providing solutions for targeted content engagement for brands, publishers and advertisers to drive more clicks, follows and shares since 2006. The New Media Brief — August 13, 2014
The Wednesday Update Including New Twitter Ad Services, Social Travel Success and Bouncing Sharers
How long visitors spend on your corporation’s social media channels is the subject of a new report from AddThis. Companies may be obsessed with the number of likes they have, but today marketing is all about attracting and then retaining a visitor so they see your corporation’s content. Useful Social Media — August 13, 2014
iOS Users Scroll and Engage More Across Social Networks
When a user scrolls through longer articles across your web pages it is a strong sign that they are interested in your content. User behaviour — especially scrolling on your site — is also a strong indicator for social media teams to consider when planning their content marketing strategy... AddThis, which specialises in social bookmarking, content engagement and analytics has launched its Q2 report this week. ZDNet — August 12, 2014
Content Engagement: 10 Reasons Why Scrolling Matters
The need for ways to measure “real” online engagement has never been more urgent. To effectively reach consumers in today’s fragmented media landscape, advertisers and publishers need a deeper understanding of which content resonates when, and on what device. Social Media Today — August 12, 2014
Report Identifies Scrolling as a Key Metric for Content and Media Optimization
AddThis announced the results of its quarterly content engagement and social sharing analysis of online behavior trends across the open web. The AddThis Q2 2014 Quarterly Report: How Scrolling Matters, provides publishers, advertisers and media planners with insights related to scrolling that can help inform content and media planning strategies. EContent — August 12, 2014
What You Need to Know About How People Scroll
Getting a pageview is good, but getting a site visitor to scroll the entire length of your page is even more valuable. A recent study by content engagement platform AddThis investigated just how important scrolling is to both publishers and advertisers. The Hub — August 12, 2014
Scrolling Points to Engagement
Advertisers can increase viewability rates and brand awareness by examining internet users' scrolling behaviour, new research has found. For its report 'How Scrolling Matters', AddThis, a content engagement platform, analysed 50,000 unique, anonymous web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox, that scrolled page content among randomly selected websites. Warc — August 12, 2014
Social Referrals Result in a 65% Bounce Rate After First Page
When we talk about measuring social media engagement, people usually refer to comments, likes and shares. However, the amount of time spent on a particular page or post is a relevant metric. According to social bookmarking and analytics company AddThis, scrolling could also provide relevant insight into consumer engagement. SocialTimes — August 11, 2014
AddThis Opens Marketplace Of Tools To Target Social Behavior
AddThis has launched an online marketplace featuring tools that let publishers serve more targeted content to Web site visitors. The company also expanded offerings of recommended content and made improvements to its analytics dashboard. MediaPost — June 20, 2014
AddThis Pivots From Social Shares To Publisher Content, Analytics
Social bookmarking mainstay AddThis has rolled out an online marketplace to help online publishers serve more targeted and relevant content to their visitors. Ad Exchanger — June 19, 2014
AddThis Launches Marketplace For Content Engagement Widgets, Adds New Recommendation Tools
In February, AddThis added $12-a-month, subscription-based Pro tools to its suite of content engagement and sharing widgets. Today, it’s launching an online marketplace to feature updated tools. Marketing Land — June 18, 2014
AddThis launches a marketplace with new content engagement tools for publishers
AddThis, the Virginia-based maker of content sharing widgets just made it a whole lot easier for marketers to use its tools. The Hub — June 18, 2014
Top 50 U.S. Web Properties
comScore has released a list of the top 50 properties for May 2014 in the U.S. based on desktop Web activity. Google Sites ranked No. 1 on desktop, with 190.3 million unique visitors, while AddThis topped the Ad Focus ranking with a U.S. Internet reach of 98%. Media Post — June 17, 2014
Engaging Your Audience: Avoid Random Acts (of Content)
The proliferation of Web technology and social networks has forever changed the marketing landscape. Or has it? In recent years, we’ve become conditioned to believe that technology has fundamentally changed the rules of marketing. Social Media Today — June 17, 2014
Why Use Social Media in the First Place?
AddThis community manager Ifdy Perez follows hashtags on relevant topics and contributes to the conversation when it makes sense. In some tech startup markets, hashtags are a great way to keep track of the pulse of the city. Tech Cocktail — June 10, 2014
Google Strengthens Position as Top U.S. Site
AddThis topped the Ad Focus ranking with a U.S. Internet reach of 98.2%. 24/7 Wall St. — May 24, 2014
Eight Ways to Capture Your Readers’ Attention (and Keep Them Coming Back!)
Let's be real for a moment and agree that excellent content has the power to turn readers into cold hard cash. The following eight tips can help create a solid content marketing strategy. MarketingProfs — May 09, 2014
Facebook leads the league for sharing social content
Far from losing in popularity, Facebook still leads the way when it comes to social sharing amongst its users. ZDNet — May 01, 2014
Two-Thirds Of Content Sharing Still On Desktop
With Facebook hitting a billion monthly mobile users worldwide as of the first quarter, it's more than aspirational for the company to define itself now as a mobile company. What's more, more than half (55%) of its daily active users are coming from the mobile side, and 59% of its ad revenue is from ads served on devices. MediaPost — April 29, 2014
Desktop Still Trounces Mobile For Content Sharing And Engagement
It’s a mobile world but desktop still holds the advantage in at least one area — engagement with content — according to first quarter data released today by social sharing plugin provider AddThis. Marketingland — April 29, 2014