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AddThis Opens Marketplace Of Tools To Target Social Behavior
AddThis has launched an online marketplace featuring tools that let publishers serve more targeted content to Web site visitors. The company also expanded offerings of recommended content and made improvements to its analytics dashboard. MediaPost — June 20, 2014
AddThis Pivots From Social Shares To Publisher Content, Analytics
Social bookmarking mainstay AddThis has rolled out an online marketplace to help online publishers serve more targeted and relevant content to their visitors. Ad Exchanger — June 19, 2014
AddThis Launches Marketplace For Content Engagement Widgets, Adds New Recommendation Tools
In February, AddThis added $12-a-month, subscription-based Pro tools to its suite of content engagement and sharing widgets. Today, it’s launching an online marketplace to feature updated tools. Marketing Land — June 18, 2014
AddThis launches a marketplace with new content engagement tools for publishers
AddThis, the Virginia-based maker of content sharing widgets just made it a whole lot easier for marketers to use its tools. The Hub — June 18, 2014
Top 50 U.S. Web Properties
comScore has released a list of the top 50 properties for May 2014 in the U.S. based on desktop Web activity. Google Sites ranked No. 1 on desktop, with 190.3 million unique visitors, while AddThis topped the Ad Focus ranking with a U.S. Internet reach of 98%. Media Post — June 17, 2014
Engaging Your Audience: Avoid Random Acts (of Content)
The proliferation of Web technology and social networks has forever changed the marketing landscape. Or has it? In recent years, we’ve become conditioned to believe that technology has fundamentally changed the rules of marketing. Social Media Today — June 17, 2014
Why Use Social Media in the First Place?
AddThis community manager Ifdy Perez follows hashtags on relevant topics and contributes to the conversation when it makes sense. In some tech startup markets, hashtags are a great way to keep track of the pulse of the city. Tech Cocktail — June 10, 2014
Google Strengthens Position as Top U.S. Site
AddThis topped the Ad Focus ranking with a U.S. Internet reach of 98.2%. 24/7 Wall St. — May 24, 2014
Eight Ways to Capture Your Readers’ Attention (and Keep Them Coming Back!)
Let's be real for a moment and agree that excellent content has the power to turn readers into cold hard cash. The following eight tips can help create a solid content marketing strategy. MarketingProfs — May 09, 2014
Facebook leads the league for sharing social content
Far from losing in popularity, Facebook still leads the way when it comes to social sharing amongst its users. ZDNet — May 01, 2014
Two-Thirds Of Content Sharing Still On Desktop
With Facebook hitting a billion monthly mobile users worldwide as of the first quarter, it's more than aspirational for the company to define itself now as a mobile company. What's more, more than half (55%) of its daily active users are coming from the mobile side, and 59% of its ad revenue is from ads served on devices. MediaPost — April 29, 2014
Desktop Still Trounces Mobile For Content Sharing And Engagement
It’s a mobile world but desktop still holds the advantage in at least one area — engagement with content — according to first quarter data released today by social sharing plugin provider AddThis. Marketingland — April 29, 2014
Branded Content With ‘Good Enough’ Writing Will Sink Native
Everyone agrees that content is king. But will all the money flowing into content marketing help or hurt brands given the questionable value of what’s been published over the past decade? adExchanger — April 24, 2014
What Makes a Blog a Blog?
If people are going to come to your site and consume your content, you want them to do something with it. This means sharing. There are any number of sharing plug-ins and mechanisms you can use, and I’ve tried a lot of them. But for me, the best social sharing plug-in by far is AddThis Smart Layers. Business2Community — April 17, 2014
Hydra Takes On Hadoop
The social-networking company AddThis open-sourced Hydra under the Apache version 2.0 License in a recent announcement. Hydra grew from an in-house platform created to process semi-structured social data as live streams and do efficient query processing on those data sets. InfoQ — April 11, 2014
March Madness social media trending stats by AddThis
The social sharing tools company AddThis analyzed social media behavior during the March Madness series and is announcing the results today. Essentially, the company is reporting interesting social media stats with regard to the most engaged fans online, amount of Tweets, preferred social networks and methods of sharing, etc. Online Social Media — April 08, 2014
3 Real-World Tips for E-Commerce Bloggers
To deliver recommended content to blog visitors, retailers can leverage a solution like AddThis Pro, which offers recommendation widgets that work to keep visitors engaged with a site. Website Magazine — March 31, 2014
Hadoop Alternative Hydra Re-Spawns as Open Source
It may not have the name recognition or momentum of Hadoop. But Hydra, the distributed task processing system first developed six years ago by the social bookmarking service maker AddThis, is now available under an open source Apache license, just like Hadoop. And according to Hydra's creator, the multi-headed platform is very good at some big data tasks that the yellow pachyderm struggles with--namely real-time processing of very big data sets. Datanami — March 12, 2014
AddThis Launches Pro Version To Help Webmasters Boost Content Engagement
Content engagement tool and platform AddThis is, well, adding additional features today that will assist webmasters in uncovering better engagement metrics. AddThis rose to popularity as an easy-to-use widget that allowed websites to highlight sharing buttons prominently. The new tools will beef up current widgets, make content recommendations for site owners and will feature a slick analytics dashboard. Marketing Land — February 12, 2014
AddThis launches $12-per-month ‘pro’ platform
Vienna-based AddThis on Wednesday launched a "pro" platform for $12 a month, offering a bundle of analytics and recommendation tools aimed at helping web publishers better tailor their content. BizJournal — February 12, 2014
Under New CEO, DC-Based AddThis Launches AddThis Pro
Today, DC-based AddThis launched AddThis Pro to help publishers drive more traffic and engagement on their websites. AddThis is a content engagement platform that lets publishers add sharing and following widgets. You've probably come across them — they reach over 97 percent of the online population in the United States (in fact, you can see AddThis on this article). Worldwide, AddThis can be found on over 14 million websites reaching over 1.6 billion readers. Tech Cocktail — February 12, 2014
Out in the Open: Hacker Vows to Instantly Analyze Your Big Data
It began as an esoteric data-crunching platform used by vanguard web companies like Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter, and now, less than a decade later, it's a sensation that spans industries. IBM uses Hadoop inside Watson, its Jeopardy-winning supercomputer. The NSA uses Hadoop to juggle the massive amounts of surveillance data it collects with each passing second. And this open source success story is even finding its way into businesses that play in more traditional markets like finance and insurance.

But Stewart Allen, the former CTO of social media company AddThis thinks it’s all a bit much. "I refer to what's going on as the Lost Decade of Hadoop," he says. "So many people are wasting time building software that Hadoop was never meant for." Wired — February 10, 2014
AddThis Reveals The Social Media Super Bowl Winners
In a post-game analysis of Super Bowl XLVIII, AddThis has identified the advertisers, celebrities and key moments from the game that generated the most buzz and online consumer engagement during the game. adotas — February 03, 2014
Super Bowl sets Twitter records
For the first time, more than half of all commercials aired during the big game included a social hashtag.

From Chevy's #SilveradoStrong to Coke's #AmericaIsBeautiful, 57% of the ads featured hashtags, those searchable terms that have spread from Twitter to Instagram, Facebook and other platforms. That's up from 50% last year and 7% the year before -- a remarkable ascent, considering that Audi made news just three years ago when it became the first Super Bowl advertiser to push to Twitter. CNN — February 03, 2014
Super Bowl XLVIII Winners, Losers and Lessons
In a game in which the outcome was never really in doubt, the winning ad strategy for Super Bowl XLVIII was also clear: successful ads went with storylines that tugged at the nation's collective heartstrings and/or used themes tied to America and family. ClickZ — February 03, 2014
Best Practices For Better Branded Content
While owned and earned media remain critical components of any communications strategy, native advertising has become a valuable weapon in the marketer's arsenal. According to a recent survey from Forbes Insights, 61% of publishers value the importance of a native approach to their advertising when compared to the standard ad. And per Nielsen and video native ad platform Sharethrough, some ads are generating as much as 82% brand lift amongviewers. MediaPost — December 13, 2013
Why Twitter’s Reach Is Bigger Than You Think
A lot has been said lately about Twitter's reach in terms of its monthly active users, but its ability to collect data through plugins like social sharing buttons has gone widely unmentioned. Many websites today include "buttons" on their pages that allow visitors to share content on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks by tweeting, mentioning, liking it and other actions.

In addition to using these buttons to boost engagement rates, there is an "untold story" about the data Twitter and other companies receive, according to Charlie Reverte, VP of engineering at AddThis, a social plug-in and analytics company. AdExchanger — October 30, 2013
AddThis Launches Smart Layers, Giving Websites Social And Personalization Tools That Adapt To Mobile
AddThis has released a new platform called Smart Layers, which it says can improve traffic and engagement by just adding a single line of code.

President and CEO Ramsey McGrory told me that Smart Layers both improves on the publisher tools that AddThis was already offering and introduces some new ones. TechCrunch — July 12, 2013 integrates brand advocacy into advertising products
AddThis has added a new service called social Brand Advocates combing brand advocacy and ads in a move to interact deeper with online audiences. The sharing and social tool is integrating social advocacy and loyalty with its AddThis for Ads tool in an attempt to encourage brands use ads better across its platform. Elemental Blog — June 12, 2013
How to Harness Brand Advocates Beyond Facebook and Twitter
Tons of people love and interact with your brand every day across the Web. Some you know about, some you may not. How can you take advantage of your brand advocates to amplify your message and bring them on to your owned media? Using their expertise in social, AddThis is presenting a new idea for getting a leg up on social impact. See how to easily find and reach your brand advocates, leverage them for maximum brand awareness and use data to understand just why they became advocates in the first place. Don't miss it! Digiday — June 11, 2013
AddThis Adds Its Own Pre-Oscar Data
Although the Academy cast their final ballots earlier this week, AddThis has revealed this year's winners as chosen by the American public. adotas — February 22, 2013
The Data Providers: One Quadrant Chart To Rule Them All
Access to data is not a commodity, and it won't be in 10 or 20 years. After all the regulatory and privacy questions are settled, advertising, publishing and e-commerce will be powered by a combination of offline, online, anonymous and personal data. The companies that emerge as long-term leaders will be the ones that provide infrastructure, distribution and services that power the smartest consumer engagement tools with the variety, velocity and volume of data available. AdExchanger — February 21, 2013
Track This: Web Tags Surged 53% in 2012
The labyrinthine maze of data-collecting technologies that makes the web hum became even more complex in 2012. Ad Age — February 18, 2013
Who Won The Super Bowl In Social Media, Budweiser or Pepsi?
Based on the data from AddThis, a social engagement company, Budweiser was the clear winner–but hold on, because there’s more to the story. AddThis helps brands work with social and reaches over 1.3 billion unique users a month. The company ran the numbers on average social mentions (shares, referrals, and searches) for the week before the game versus the two weeks previous, as well as for Super Bowl Sunday against six previous Sundays Forbes — February 08, 2013
Replaying Super Bowl Ads’ Effectiveness
AddThis, a data company, tracks what is called brand lift, the difference between online conversations about sponsors on Super Bowl Sunday and the online conversations about them on six previous Sundays.

The sponsor that enjoyed the largest brand lift, up 634 percent, was Anheuser-Busch, part of Anheuser-Busch InBev, which was the exclusive beer sponsor of the game with six commercials. GoDaddy, with two commercials in the game, followed closely behind, with a brand lift of 626 percent New York Times — February 06, 2013
Social Sharing Trends of 2012: The Tech World Is A Small Part Of The Internet
Today, social analytics platform AddThis released data on how we used social media in 2012.

Their infographic, based on sharing across 14 million domains, is below. And it contains a lesson for startups about making assumptions about your customers. Entrepreneurs tend to immerse themselves in a geeky, tech-savvy world, and they can forget that most people don’t know what an API is, or care about super-minimalist design. Tech Cocktail — December 05, 2012
Infographic: How Social Media Predicts Winners in Battleground States
Below is an interesting infographic put together by AddThis, a social measurement firm that used data insights to predict the election based on social sharing data. The infographic shows how AddThis predicts battleground states will vote as well as detailing the most shared topics and a confidence level. PBS — November 05, 2012
What’s Buzzing in the Swing States on Social Media?
Social sharing and targeting firm AddThis analyzed geographically isolated chatter across the social web after the final debate and found some interesting results: Ohioans are talking about the sequester, Israel's a popular issue in Florida and Colorado, and Wisconsinites are chatting about the auto industry bailout. Mashable — October 24, 2012
THE DIGITAL 100: The World’s Most Valuable Private Tech Companies
In the past two months, we have evaluated hundreds of private tech companies and ranked the top 100 by value. Our rankings are based on several metrics, including revenue, users, market opportunities, growth rates, and the perception of investors and tech gurus. Business Insider — October 03, 2012
‘Modern Family’ & ‘Homeland’ Top Primetime Emmys
Host Jimmy Kimmel kept the proceedings light and moving swiftly, with his numerous skits (like Breaking Bad done in the style of The Andy Griffith Show and an In Memoriam tribute dedicated to himself) punctuating the night. Leave it to the people to speak their minds, however: Over 75% of Emmy watchers posting on social media did not find Kimmel's opening speech funny, according to AddThis, the world's largest sharing platform, who also pointed out that Sofia Vergara was most mentioned for best dressed of the night across Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, with Julie Bowen in second place, and Clive Owen and Jon Hamm named as the best-dressed men. ETonline — September 23, 2012
AddThis Introduces Social Media To Offline-Based ‘Purchase Targeting’
AddThis, the social sharing tools and analytics provider formerly known as Clearspring, is trying to solve a problem that has long plagued the business of using online data – how to incorporate information from the physical world consumers mainly inhabit alongside their digital characteristics, profiles and behaviors. AdExchanger — September 20, 2012
AddThis Button Brings Offline Data Online To Help Brands Target Ads
That little AddThis button publishers affix to content that gives marketers share counts turned into a massive data collection tool. On Wednesday the company will announce the launch of Purchase Graph, a data set aimed at improving the ability to identify and target Web audiences during the purchase cycle.

AddThis' strategy to support paid, owned and earned media by building tools to connect consumers and advertisers will help it maintain one of the largest social and interest graphs on the open Web outside of Google and Facebook, with the ability to collect data on 1.3 billion Web users and about 250 million targetable profiles. MediaPost — September 19, 2012
The Download: AddThis expands its footprint — here and abroad
Social media and data analytics firm AddThis has expanded its footprint — both in the Washington region and abroad — as the company continues with growth plans nearly a year after installing a new chief executive.

The company, formerly known as Clearspring, is best known for a Web widget that allows people to share Internet content on their social networks. It sits on 14 million Web pages and reaches 1.3 billion people a month. Washington Post — September 16, 2012
AddThis Updates Its Publisher Tools With Instant Sharing
Social widget-maker AddThis is announcing several updates to its service today, which should collectively make for a smoother social sharing experience.

One of the main additions is a feature called instant sharing, which allows users to share content to Facebook and Twitter without having to leave the page that they're reading. That could doubly help the publishers that AddThis works with. First, because it makes it easier for readers to share content. Second, it's also more likely that readers will stay on the site after they've shared.

AddThis also says that it now offers integrated social sign-in. In other words, if publishers want their visitors to sign-in, those visitors no longer have to create a unique identity for each site. Instead, they can sign-in using their existing accounts on Google, Facebook, or Twitter. TechCrunch — September 13, 2012
Turning Pins Into Purchase on Pinterest
The Pinterest hysteria from the early months of 2012 may have abated, but marketers' interest in the social scrapbooking site is only accelerating. However, just what to do with Pinterest and how to measure its impact remain two big open questions for brands. Adweek — September 04, 2012
Women Were the Trending Topic of the Games
Who were the most talked-about athletes in the 2012 Summer Games?

If we're talking daily mentions across the most active social media networks, that honor goes to Michael Phelps, Gabby Douglas, Usain Bolt, Ryan Lochte, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings. Pretty predictable, as they were some of the biggest winners at the Games.

A more striking measure of social media success is the percentage of increase in mentions. Content-sharing platform AddThis calculated the number of mentions (.jpg) athletes received in the two weeks before the Olympics, then tracked the mentions they received during the 2012 Summer Games. That yielded some interesting results. Wired — August 16, 2012
This Brand Took Home The Gold Medal At The Olympics
We are now three days removed from the closing ceremonies of the 2012 Summer Olympics. And while the debate rages on about the closing ceremonies themselves – tell me again why we didn't hear Freddie Mercury sign Bohemian Rhapsody, there is no debating which brand took home the gold medal.

Well the gold medal of increased brand mentions in the social media space that is. Forbes — August 15, 2012
Infographic: Who Won the ‘Social’ Olympics?
We know now that the London 2012 games were indeed the "social" Olympics, but what is the result of the unprecedented connection to the Games via social media? Who did we watch? Where did we watch? How did we watch? MediaShift — August 14, 2012
With name change and new widgets, AddThis focuses on mon­etizing Big Data
Data doesn't just flow at McLean-based AddThis. It floods.

The company, which had been called Clearspring until last week, touts a Web widget that allows people to share Internet content on their social networks. It sits on 14 million Web pages and reaches 1.3 billion people a month, the firm said.

That's equal to the population of China. Washington Post — May 13, 2012
Are Those Little Sharing Buttons the Future of Online Advertising?
Today, Clearspring, which is changing its name to that of its main product, the sharing button aggregating tool AddThis, is announcing it now reaches 1.3 billion users on 14 million sites with that tool. That’s a really big audience, double Yahoo's 600 million, for instance. It's also adding a number or products it calls social plug-ins: a follow button tool that allows people to follow a site or brand across multiple social networks with one click, a trending content tool that automatically highlight a site's or brand's most popular content in real time, and a "welcome" tool that lets Web publishers send an incoming visitor to a page that has a personalized greeting and a call to action. Forbes — May 10, 2012
The company formerly known as Clearspring
McLean-based Clearspring will change its corporate moniker to AddThis, a name it will share with a Web widget. (Courtesy of AddThis) around a Web widget of the same name that allows people to share Internet content on their social networks.

The AddThis widget — a constellation of tiny icons that connect to such social networks as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ — now sits on 14 million Web pages and reaches 1.3 billion people a month, the firm said. That’s about equal to the population of China. Washington Post — May 10, 2012
Clearspring Changes Its Name To AddThis And Launches New Social Tools
Clearspring, the company behind social sharing and analytics platform AddThis, will henceforth be known as AddThis.

What's more, the DC-based company released some powerful statistics: AddThis is now on 14 million sites, reaching 1.3 billion users every month. It powers those little sharing buttons and offers analytics on how readers and fans are interacting with brands via social media. Tech Cocktail — May 10, 2012
Adventures in big data: How AddThis’ Hydra works
Clearspring, a social publishing platform, on Thursday changed its name to AddThis as part of an emphasis on the analytics side of its business. The company, which was formed in 2006 and provides those social sharing buttons that are ubiquitous across the web, also offered analytics services under the AddThis brand. But it realized that the data analytics had become the essential element for its customers and changed its name accordingly. GigaOM — May 10, 2012
STATS: Cee Lo Was More Popular Than Madonna In The Super Bowl Halftime Show
Think headliner Madonna was the highlight of Sunday night's Super Bowl halftime show performance? Think again.

According to ClearSpring, the most tweeted about/Facebooked/e-mailed/printed/overall social-media's most clicked upon celeb of the night was none other than Cee Lo Green. Business Insider — February 06, 2012
Linkedin’s ‘Share’ Button: Here’s The Secret Behind Its Disproportionate Power In Social Media
Linkedin is at least as powerful at driving traffic per click as a Twitter Tweet or a Facebook Like, according to Clearspring, a provider of those sharing buttons you often see at the top and bottom of web pages. Business Insider — December 15, 2011
Online Sharing: The How, What and When of 2011
It's Wednesday. That means it is the most popular day for users to share on the Web. The most popular time? 9:30 a.m. Eastern time.

Those are just some of the findings about what links people share, and how and when they share them, based on the data gathered by Clearspring's AddThis, which provides sharing tools and analytics on 11 million domains from publishers to e-commerce sites.

For the second year in a row, Facebook dominates the Web with 52.1 percent of all sharing taking place on its platform, up from 44 percent during the same period last year, according to Greg Cypes, director of product for Clearspring. He outlined the study’s findings on the AddThis Blog. New York Times — December 14, 2011
AddThis: Facebook Makes Up 52% of Sharing on the Web
AddThis, the sharing platform owned by Clearspring, is huge (or uuuuuugggggge, as Donald Trump would say). It's used by more than 11 million sites, which gives it aggregate sharing data for more than 1.2 billion users -- and a bird's-eye view of the relative popularity and influence of everything from a Facebook Like to a click on a Google +1 button. Ad Age — December 13, 2011

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