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Addthis Launches Improved Pinterest Sharing Support and Additional Pinterest Growth Insights

Early Tests Show Increased Sharing to Pinterest by 20%

McLean, Va. - June 26, 2011 – AddThis, provider of the largest social and interest graph on the open web, today launches a new, easier way to share to Pinterest via its sharing tool and toolbar. The new functionality improves upon AddThis' existing sharing and engagement plugins to more seamlessly provide social referral traffic to Pinterest and, therefore, more traffic to publisher's own sites. Additionally, the AddThis platform has generated new insights on Pinterest usage across the web.

AddThis's new Pinterest sharing experience includes both additional user options and support for publishers, which has shown an additional 20% growth in shares in a test before launch. The new experience improves the experience for users, allowing them to select the right image and pull in associated content. For publishers, using any Pinterest button previously required additional configuration, but the new AddThis experience requires only one simple code snippet requiring no additional configuration. As easy to use as other AddThis social plugins, the button gives users an enhanced image selection experience or, if the publisher chooses, a preferred image to select.

"The AddThis platform saw the rise of Pinterest early, but many sites could not add the Pin It button because of the the additional coding required." says Ramsey McGrory, AddThis CEO. "Now, any site can get a Pinterest button with a simple code snippet and track the shares alongside the rest of their services on AddThis analytics."

The AddThis sharing platform has also generated new insights on sharing to Pinterest, contributing to the growth of that site:

  • People following brands on Pinterest has increased 26% in the last month.
  • Over 50% of sharing on Pinterest via mobile comes from iPad.
  • On average sharing via mobile to Pinterest breaks down to 55% iPad, 17% iPhone, 28% Android versus the network at 35% iPhone, 35% iPad and 30% Android
  • Pinterest users are less tech savvy favoring the browsers that ship with their computer versus installing Firefox or Chrome.
  • In May, referral traffic from Pinterest was higher by 30% than Twitter across the AddThis network.
  • In June, sharing to Pinterest has passed Tumblr and Google +1.
  • Sharing to Pinterest is 6% greater than Tumblr and 7% greater than Google +1.
  • Pinterest dominates in English speaking countries (US, UK, CA, AU). The topmost countries that share via Pinterest that are not primarily English speaking are India, Brazil, and Germany.


Maggie Clark

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