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AddThis Updates Sharing Tools to Drive Traffic and Consumer Engagement Across 14 Million Sites

New Functionalities Increase Sharing by 11 Percent

McLean, Va. - September 13, 2012 — AddThis, the largest sharing platform on the open web, today announced new and updated sharing tools to enhance the social sharing experience for users, and to arm publishers with improved capabilities for driving visitor engagement.

"Understanding what our readers share most frequently allows us to continue to create the best content that will engage our audiences every time they visit our site. Shares are a critical engagement metric for International Business Times, as they provide insight into the attributes and behaviors of our biggest brand advocates," said James DiGioia, social media coordinator. "The new capabilities of the AddThis tool will further optimize the sharing process for our audience, helping us to better improve our content and enhance the user experience."

Enhancements available to the 14 million sites that use the AddThis platform include:

  • Instant sharing – Visitors can share a publisher's content without leaving the page. This increases the likelihood that the user stays on the site and continues reading.
  • Integrated with Social Sign In – A site's readers can now sign-in to a website using their existing social credentials from Google, Facebook, or Twitter. This eliminates the hassle of unique registrations at each site they visit, providing a more personalized experience for visitors while providing publishers with the ability to create more personalized and intimate content.
  • Deploy once, works everywhere – Whether a reader is viewing a page from a tablet, mobile phone or desktop, AddThis provides publishers with one code that works seamlessly across the board.
  • More personalized sharing – Supporting 70+ languages and 300+ services, the latest sharing tools are optimized to show the right services, at the right time, to the right users. If a reader is more likely to share on Twitter vs. Facebook, AddThis will position Twitter higher in the sharing menu.

"Sharing, like search, is one of the key indicators of consumer intent on the internet," said Ramsey McGrory, CEO of AddThis. "The breadth and depth of our presence on the web gives us a unique perspective into the social habits and preferences of consumers. We apply these insights to create more effective and efficient social solutions for publishers and brands, essentially making social engagement easier for users."

For more details on the on the update, please visit the AddThis blog here.


Maggie Clark

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