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Service Name Category Description
Odnoklassniki Social Network Find your classmates and sign up
OKNOtizie Social News Oknotizie is an italian social publishin...
OpenTheDoor Bookmarking Site OpenTheDoor is a place for people to dis...
orkut Social Network Orkut is an online community designed to...
OS X Dashboard Tools Share a widget to your OSX Dashboard des...
Oyyla Social News Oyyla is a turkish social news website m...
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Trending Up:
+155%2 Fancy
+99%3 Qzone
+37%4 Folkd
+34%5 Flaker
Trending Down:
-36%2 WordPress
-21%4 Blogger
-17%6 Blinklist
-15%8 Azadegi
-14%10 Textme SMS

* Based on overall sharing, last 90 days